Book Three - A FLOGGING FANTASY - Coming July 14th!!

Books Four through Ten are in the outline stage!! You read that right! There will be TEN books in The Spanking Experiments!! Bookmark this page to stay current!!


And... I'm working on two MC series!! That's right!! I'm taking the plunge!! Look for more info soon on these two series!!


The 5th Tortured Love book!! That's right! There WILL be a 5th one!!

This story started out as an idea for an anthology call, but 5K into it I knew I could not wrap it up and still do it justice in only 15,000 words. So... it will instead be the next book in my Tortured Love series.

Stay tuned for more information!!

Here is the TENTATIVE schedule of upcoming books...

*First three books of a 6-book MC series
*Books 4 through 6 in The Spanking Experiments
*The 5th Tortured Love book
*Books 4 through 6 in the MC romance series
*Books 1 through 3 of a 6-book second MC romance series (spin-off from the first MC series)
*Books 7 through 10 of The Spanking Experiments
*Books 4 through 6 of the second MC series.

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