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Each week, I'll be talking about things going on in my life. Saturday is my favorite day and always has been. So join me by clicking on the links below, which will take you to the individual posts in this series. Kick back, grab your favorite drink or snack, and relax!

Welcome to Saturdays in Indy! Learn about my front porch in this debut post ...

Watch a scene from one of my favorite movies - My Cousin Vinny - and see why I love grits...

It's my 28th wedding anniversary!!

Visit my writing room!!

Learn why I love the month of October!!

Find out how long I've been in love with coffee!!

Get a sneak peek at the Christmas trees!!

My Sicilian grandmother's eggplant parmesan recipe!!

The Christmas trees, 2016!!

In which I talk about the struggle to find time to write and woo fans at the same time...

Winter weather PSA: How To Drive in Ice and Snow...

My Grandma's Lasagna Recipe!!

Good Riddance 2016 ... WELCOME 2017!!

And she's BACK!!!

Come and see some of the favored objects I keep close in my writing room...

What are my top five favorite songs of all time? Find out!!

What can the Romance Writers of America Do For YOU? Find out!!

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