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Guest Blogger: Sarah Marsh with VIKTOR


Happy Evil After: Book One

By Sarah Marsh

Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Cover Art: Jay Aheer

When the heroes have reputations like these, who needs a villain?


Have you ever read a fairy tale and wondered why the goody two-shoe Princes and Princesses were always the ones who got their happy endings?

Pandora is a Fairy Godmother whoís never fit in with her own people. Only she has the powerÖand the attitude, to step in and help those who others have decided arenít worthy of a happy ending. How hard could it be to manipulate some of the most feared beings in their world?

Viktor has spent his entire un-dead life being the bogey man to the paranormal community and thatís the way he wants to keep it....with everyone else far away from him. When the opportunity arises to take his revenge on his nemesis, he canít resistóeven if it means risking his reputation and rescuing the damsel in distress.

Halle never expected to find herself in need of a savior, especially one with a reputation like Viktorís. But sheís used to listening to her instincts and her cat trusts the strange woman who pops up and claims to have some solutions.

If a girl canít trust her own Fairy Godmother, then what is this world coming to?

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ìI mean you no harm, lady. You can go. Iím only here for whatís in the car,î he said slowly walking towards her. She was a cute little thing, all soft curves with golden skin and hair.

ìUmmm, yeah, about that Ö Iím whatís in the car, Mr. Krescech. You have to take me with you out of here,î she said almost nervously, those big green eyes pleading with him.

Clearly, she was also insane. What was with the women he was running into this week? Viktor had had more than his fair share of groupies throwing themselves at him in the bars, wanting to take a walk on the wild side for a few hours, but this wholesome little beauty certainly didnít look like the type, so he had no idea exactly what she was asking him for.

ìI donít think so,î he said, moving past her towards the open back door to search the car.

ìSeriously, thereís nothing else in the car. They were taking me from my family and my pard to be married to Conrad. I have to go with you to get away from him,î she continued, putting her tiny little hands on her very curvy hips in a way that distracted him far more than it should have.

Interesting, so this little number was a leopard shifter? Viktor hadnít really had any interaction with the pard in this country, but by reputation, they were a good lot. Why on Earth would she agree to marry Conrad?

ìI donít rescue damsels in distress. I eat them,î he said with a flash of fang. ìSo run along, little kitten.î

The tiny spitfire threw her hands dramatically up in the air and sighed loudly.

ìYou just saved me from a life of baby-making slavery. Arenít you supposed to whisk me away to your super-secret villain lair and ravish me? Sheesh, whereís your follow-through?î

Viktor just stood there and stared at her for a moment. He didnít know whether to laugh at her ridiculous statement or take her up on her offer and bend her over right here on the trunk of Conradís car. He was extremely turned on by the fact that she didnít seem the least bit afraid of him. Heíd always tried to pretend that his reputation in the paranormal community pleased him, that it helped him by keeping the rabble away. But deep down it bothered him that everyone always thought the worst of him. His honor was just yet another thing that Melisandre and Conrad had stolen from him when they took his mortality.

ìDonít you know who I am, woman?î he finally said as she just stood there looking at him expectantly.

ìYes, I know who you are. Who else is capable of keeping me out of Conradís douchy hands?î she said sounding a little impatient.

ìDonít you have a family you can go to?î he asked, still wondering why he was even standing here talking to her.

Well, that wasnít entirely true. Once sheíd said the word ìslaveryî he knew he couldnít leave her to Conradís tender mercies. Viktor knew more about slavery than he ever wanted to, and no being should ever be held against their will. That and he had seen firsthand what Conrad enjoyed doing to women. It still sickened him to think back to the horrors heíd had to witness as Melisandreís pet.

ìIf I go back to my family theyíd just have to hand me right back over to him again. My pard owes him a blood debt, and I am the payment. I need this to look like Conradís men lost me in the confrontation with you. This needs to be his fault, as otherwise, it will start a war between my family and his coven,î she said, stepping ever closer.

She stood so close now that Viktor could smell the strawberry and coconut scent of her shampoo. Good Gods, she smells good enough to eat.

ìWhy would you think that I should care whether or not this starts a war for your people? I will not be fighting in it,î he answered, trying to sound like he didnít care one way or another.

ìBecause I think that you hate Conrad just as much, if not more than I do, and thereís nothing he wants more than to possess me,î she answered quietly, her huge green eyes staring right into his grey ones.

She was right of course. There was no one on this Earth that he hated as much as he hated Conrad. Thatís what he told himself anyway when he ultimately decided he would take the girl with himówhether it was the whole truth about his motivations or not.

ìFirst, tell me how your pard was thoughtless enough to enter into a blood debt with a killer like Conrad?î

ìItís not like we had any choice. My father was jumped one night by a bunch of rogues, and Conrad just happened to be there to offer his assistance Ö for a price.î

The venom in her voice clearly stated that she suspected theyíd been set up. The rogues were most likely paid to attack by Conrad himself. It was a trick the coward had used over and over again.

ìFine,î he said with a sigh. ìYou can come with me, but just until we find somewhere to stash you that Conrad cannot reach you.î

ìThank you!î she said with a squeal just before she reached up and hugged him before he could stop her. ìIím Halle, by the way.î

Clearly, his reputation was never going to recover from this if anyone saw him being hugged in the alley, but with her luscious frame leaning against his, smelling so sweet, he had a difficult time finding a reason to care.

Author Bio:
Sarah Marsh was born in British Columbia where she still lives, she has only recently began her writing career finding it the perfect outlet for taking the edge off a nine to five office job. Sheís been a science fiction and romance junkie for years and when her imagination started to take the characters sheíd read about even further in their adventures she decided to try writing something of her own.
Sarahís also a former pastry chef and spends a lot of time cooking and baking for friends and family as well as painting and knitting. Her biggest weaknesses are animals of any kindÖshe even loves the ones that wake you up at four in the morning because they can almost see the bottom of their food dish.
When it comes to life in general sheís a big believer that laughter is the best medicine and that thereís no such thing as too much love, which is why sheís such a sucker for a happy ending.

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