Sunday, March 26, 2017

#SexySnippets: The Demons Stayed Away ... Until Tonight...


Enjoy another sexy snippet from UNDENIABLE - Tortured Love 4 - Coming Soon from Evernight Publishing!!

Rosanna sat there, wiping her face, trying to calm down so her soft crying wouldn’t wake him.

The room smelled of sex and sweat, but to her, it was the sweetest scent in the world. It meant Houston was here, and he’d fucked her six ways to Sunday only moments ago. She had no idea why his marriages had broken up, other than he worked all the time and his hours were irregular as hell. She only knew that when she was with him, she felt whole. The demons stayed away, and everything was easier.

Until tonight.

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  1. Oh, you just had to stop there!!! ugh! Way to hook me, though. LOL

  2. I wonder what woke her demons. A lovely snippet, Ravenna

  3. Oh dear, there's trouble brewing. Such an intriguing snippet, Ravenna.

  4. Interesting snippet. I want more :-)

  5. Intriguing with a hint of heartbreak. Great snippet, Ravenna!