Wednesday, March 29, 2017

MidWeek Tease: Who's The One Begging Right Now?

Welcome to MidWeek Tease hosted by Angelica Dawson!

Today, enjoy another tease from UNDENIABLE - Tortured Love 4!!
**Coming April 6th from Evernight Publishing**

“I love it when you do that.”

“Are you sure?” He raised his brows. “I can wait a long time.”

“Oh yeah?” She shoved her hand between them and caressed his erect penis. “Doesn’t feel that way to me.”

The laugh she loved so much filled the space around them. “Appearances are deceiving.” Shivers ran up and down her spine as he kneaded her breasts. Even with her clothes still on, the effect was intoxicating. She massaged his shaft, aching for that dick to be inside her.

“You’re going to wait for it, babe.”

“Even with me doing this?”

One finger traced between her breasts, over her abdomen, and landed on her clit, where he rubbed hard. The movement forced her hand off his cock. “Now you can’t reach me.”


“I never tease.” He massaged her swollen bud through the jeans, but she definitely felt it.

“So what do you call this?”


“For what?”

“For being too damn sexy for your own good.”

“Weak, Houston. Very weak.”

“Oh yeah? Who’s the one squirming and begging right now?”

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  1. Hahaha. Love their banter as things heat up.

  2. Oh yes, she's the one who cannot wait. He seems to have total control. Great snippet! :)

  3. He definitely turned the tables on her!