Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tantalizing Thursdays: PERSUADING EVE - Passion Peak, Colorado 5


Today, I give you a sexy excerpt from Passion Peak, Colorado 5 - PERSUADING EVE

He draped her over what she recognized as his spanking bench, and Eve began to tremble again in anticipation. She loved this thing because it was so versatile. Phil adjusted the pads underneath her head and forearms. He didn’t have to ask anymore if she was comfortable. He knew her needs so well, and Eve marveled at how far they’d come in their relationship. Having Knox here made her recognize these small things in a way she’d come to take for granted. Once again, the love and care that Phil showed her every single day bubbled up and spilled over. She’d die for this man.

She heard him speaking softly to Knox, but she couldn’t make out all the words. Was he giving him instructions? She held her breath as something rustled, and then the next sensation she felt was the sting of a flogger across her ass. It wasn’t Mr. Pain or Mr. Pain’s twin. This one was sharp and biting, and she guessed it was one of his that had thin leather tails.

Whoever was throwing it knew what he was doing, and she assumed that it was Phil. Either that, or Knox was a fast learner. Her ass cheeks burned now like fire ants were biting them, and sweat collected along her hairline. She moaned and whimpered, but was determined to hold still and take this from him. When he stopped, hands caressed the puffy wounds that the flogger had made, and Eve sensed two distinct touches, meaning both men were massaging her ass cheeks.

“She’s pretty red.” That was Knox’s voice, full of concern, and again Eve wanted to kiss him for it.

“That’s why I stopped.” That had been Knox flogging her? He was a fast learner. She was impressed.

“She can take a bit more. What color are you, babe?”

“Green, Sarge.”

“Good girl.” That voice washed over her, making her feel special and cherished, as it always did when he praised her during a scene. “What do you think of Knox’s technique? Did he do well?”

“Very well, Sarge.”

“Are you sure I didn’t hurt you, Eve?”

“I loved it, Sir. You did great. Thank you.”

“Good girl.” Oh God….To hear Knox say that nearly brought on another orgasm. A thudding sensation landed on both ass cheeks, and since the throw was different, she assumed it was Phil this time. She tried to guess which flogger he was using, but the sensations were too much. She slipped into that delicious place where pain was pleasure and pleasure was pain, no longer giving a shit who was using which flogger. She only hoped they didn’t stop.

Sweat dripped under her blindfold and down her face. Her clit contracted in tiny spasms and her pussy was so wet she was certain her juices were dripping down her thighs by now. Another climax inched closer with each burning swat. As they’d done before, every few strikes one or both of them would caress her sore ass cheeks, wet pussy, swollen clit and tender nipples, enhancing her arousal each time.

Eve was putty in their hands, melting into their combined and individual touches, until she could do nothing but whimper and moan. Her orgasm was so close now that she could taste it, but neither man let it crest completely. She was out of her mind with the need to come again. She needed to be fucked, hard, rough, and deeply. “Please…”

“Please what, Eve?” Phil’s voice was full of concern. He took off her blindfold. “Was that a safeword?”

“No, Sarge. I need to be fucked. Please.”

Phil chuckled and Knox groaned. Warm breath tickled her right cheek, and Phil’s voice was soft and sexy in her ear. “You want us to take turns fucking you, Eve? Is that what you would like?”

“Oh God…yes, Sarge. Yes, I want that.”

“Can you picture it, Eve? One dick in your mouth and one dick in your ass?”

She moaned loudly now. “Yes. Yes I can. Please…”

Phil tugged at her nipples, sending shock waves of desire straight to her throbbing clit. “How about one cock in your pussy and one in your ass? Would you like that, Eve?”

“Sarge, please…” She couldn’t take any more. She was going to pass out if they didn’t fuck her.

Eve cried out in pleasure as Knox’s fingers teased her clit while Phil continued to play with her nipples. “How badly do you want to be fucked, babe?”

“Badly, Sarge. Please…please fuck me. Both you and Sir. Fuck me at the same time. Please.”

“What will you give us if we do?”

“Anything.” Behind her Knox moaned loudly and swore under his breath.

“Anything?” Phil grasped both breasts and kneaded them in his strong hands. “Are you sure, Eve? Don’t you want to know what we want you to give us before you agree to it?”

“Yes, Sarge. Tell me.”

Her entire body was on fire for them. Now that her need for them had reached this fevered pitch, there was no turning back. All she could think about was having their cocks inside her, all night, and all of tomorrow if that’s what they wanted. They could tie her to the bed and fuck her six ways to Sunday, and it still wouldn’t be enough.

“We’re going to fuck your delicious pussy, taking turns. Then we’re each going to fuck your ass. But the fun won’t stop there, Eve.” Phil pulled her hair. Not hard enough to actually hurt, but it sent shivers down her spine, making her pussy contract again. She knew one more gesture like that would start her climax. There was no way to hold it off.

“Knox and I are going to fuck you. We’re going to fuck you hard, rough, and deep, the way you like it. And when we’re done fucking you, we’re going to flog you some more. Only maybe this time we’ll flog your tits and your pussy, instead.”

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