Thursday, February 9, 2017

Tantalizing Thursdays: MASTERING ANGELA - Passion Peak, Colorado 2


Today, I give you the blurb from Passion Peak, Colorado 2 - MASTERING ANGELA

When Angela Davidson asks Doms Nash Stonecraft and Ian Malloy to train her as a submissive, she gets more than a flogging demo. She’s in danger of losing her heart to the two charismatic, sexy Doms. But what will happen when they discover her secret?

Nash Stonecraft doesn’t fall in love. When you love someone, they die. After losing his parents at a young age and having to manage his family’s business ventures on his own, Nash lives a life of mystery and intrigue, including running a private BDSM club in his home. But he’s lonely and unfulfilled, until he meets Angela.

Ian Malloy has been unlucky in love, and he hopes Angela will change all that. But can he share her with Nash without jealousy ripping him apart?

When a fake ghost hunter searching for buried money on Nash’s property shows up and Angela gets caught in the crossfire, both men might lose her forever.

You can purchase MASTERING ANGELA and the entire Passion Peak, Colorado series from Siren-BookStrand by clicking HERE.

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