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MidWeek Tease: CAPTIVATING HER RACY HEROES - Racy Nights 13

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Today, enjoy a tease from Racy Nights 13 - CAPTIVATING HER RACY HEROES. This is my Tara Rose debut series, published with Siren-BookStrand, and contains 15 books total.

You can purchase the entire Racy Nights series from Siren-BookStrand by clicking HERE.

In this snippet, after Brynn Winston shows up in Racy and brings the past with her, she intrigues Doms Hugh Sinclair, an accountant at Notus, and Ryder Dayton, a wind turbine technician at Notus, who are giving her a tour of their beloved town. This scene also summarizes who is related to whom in Racy...

“Will you take me up inside the wind turbine with you?”

He gave her a grin that sent shock waves of desire coursing through her body. What would it be like to look up into his face with that grin on it, naked in bed with him? “I think I can arrange that. As long as you promise not to breathe a word to anyone.”

She cut her gaze toward Hugh for a second. “I won’t say anything, but can we trust him?”

“Oh, thanks.”

She linked her arm in Hugh’s. “I’m only kidding. You two are obviously good friends.” She slid into the passenger seat and Hugh climbed in the back. “How long have you known each other?”

Ryder started up the van and backed out of the parking space. “All our lives. We bonded in kindergarten over Legos.”

“That sounds intriguing.”

Hugh leaned across her seat, and she caught a whiff of his cologne again. “You know that scenario you glimpsed back there? We were trying to do something similar with Legos, only we didn’t quite grasp the concept that they stuck together with all those little circles and such. But once we did, we built a two-foot tower with them that all our classmates marveled at.”

“So you’re both budding architects.”

“Well, not so much that as we like to try things that no one has done before, or that others say can’t possibly work.”

“I like that. You think outside the box. I prefer people who do that.”

Ryder gave her that grin again, and she bit her lip, but it didn’t matter. Her hormones were out of control. This was shaping up to be an interesting day.

“Then you’re going to fall madly in love with both of us.”

“Oh? You think so?” She squirmed in her seat. These two were adorable.

“Or at least madly in lust,” said Hugh.

When she glanced over her shoulder to smile at him, he winked and she could barely hold back the moan that tried once again to surface.

“Hey, a guy can dream, right?”

“I’m not sure how much to believe from either of you. I think you like to play.”

His face grew serious. “But not with affections. Honestly. We aren’t like that.”

“Oh, okay. That’s good to know.”

They drove down a series of streets with winding curves and lots of trees. “Have you been back here yet?” asked Ryder. “This is Birch Lane.” He stopped in front of a gated property with a stately brick home set back among the trees. “That’s Maddox’s house. He runs the BDSM club here in Racy inside it.”

“Wow. It’s a mansion.”

“His father, Randy, made a lot of money in the eighties. He raised Maddox alone. Both he and his cousin, Ellis, lived on their grandfather’s farm with their fathers. His name is Skeeter, although that’s only a nickname. His real name is Samuel. He owns farmland that used to include Lawnview Drive, but sold a lot of it off over the years.”

“Does Ellis live in a house like this as well?”

“Yes, he does. So does Hugh’s brother, Mason.”

“Most of my family lives on this street or the next one, Dogwood Trail,” said Hugh. “Our current mayor, Zach Kincaid, lives on Dogwood.”

They drove past Ellis’s house, then Hugh pointed out his brother Mason’s home, and explained it was part of his aunt and uncle’s estate. “My uncle Everett is head of ER at the hospital. He’s Cameron’s father, and Cameron is our fire chief.”

“And Ellis is our building inspector,” said Ryder.

They rounded the curve where the street merged with Dogwood and Hugh pointed out his home and then Zach’s house.

“I had no idea this part of town even existed.”

Hugh pointed toward another estate with a gate and a tall, black fence around it. “And there’s Jake Malloy’s house. His family owns all of Notus.”

Brynn nodded, knowing she’d need a spreadsheet to keep up with who was who. They drove around the back of the estates they’d just pointed out, eventually coming to the water treatment plant.

“That’s Skeeter’s farm,” said Ryder, pointing toward the land next to the plant. “And this is Lawnview Drive.” As they drove down a street with homes under construction, they slowed down so Brynn could see them all. “This street was a mess of abandoned century homes and vacant lots. About two years ago, Kari Tye and Alexa Monahan bought that gorgeous pale yellow Queen Anne at the end of the row, and remodeled it. They own and operate Tye Me Up on the ground floor, and Alexa lives upstairs with her two Doms, Luke Rodriguez and Chase Taylor.”

“Tye Me Up? Is it a fetish shop?”

“Yes. Racy’s only one.”

“What a clever name. And did you say Rodriguez? Wasn’t that the name of the woman who was kidnapped earlier?”

Hugh nodded. “She’s Luke’s sister. He has five of them, and one brother. Rafe works in the comptroller’s office at City Hall and is a Dom to Marisol Santiago, a court reporter there, along with Ellis McCree.”

She narrowed her eyes at Hugh. “Don’t they mind you telling a stranger about their lifestyle?”

He shook his head. “Not to someone who’s in the lifestyle, like you are. You weren’t lying about that, were you?”

“No, of course not. Please, continue.”

He grinned in a way that made her pussy wet, and it was difficult not to imagine them both naked. Racy certainly had its share of triads. Would these two be interested in something like that as well?

“And Chase Taylor is our building commissioner.”

Ryder stopped in front of the shop next to Tye Me Up. The sign said Harmony Music. “Ava Harmony came here from Chicago. Do you know her?”

Brynn shook her head.

“She owns this shop, along with Jake and Gary Reed now. You probably saw Gary helping with the marching band if you were at the park earlier. They’re both her Doms.”

“I wasn’t really paying too much attention to the band.”

They left Lawnview and drove down street after street of neat, trim homes. Ryder and Hugh pointed out nearly every one, explaining who lived there, and their history in the town. When they came to a townhome on Lilac Way, Ryder said he lived there. “But I’m hardly ever home. I work a lot of overtime.”

“Why is that?”

He shrugged. “Beats sitting home watching cable.”

“I don’t get it. What am I missing here? You’re both Doms, you’re good-looking guys, you’re funny and charming…why does it sound like neither of you date much?”

“Long story,” said Ryder.

“Same here.”

She glanced from one to the other as Ryder made his way down the street. “I have all day.”

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