Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tantalizing Thursdays: OBEYING HER RACY FIREMEN - Racy Nights 8


Today, I give you the beginning of Racy Nights 8 - OBEYING HER RACY FIREMEN.

Olivia Kelly brushed her fingers lightly over the collar around her friend Gina Santori’s neck. It was silver, a bit longer than a choker, and featured a delicate rosebud and heart pattern. She could wear it every day, and it would look like any other piece of jewelry that Gina normally wore. No one but the people in this room and those who frequented Maddox McCree’s exclusive private BDSM club in Racy, Indiana, would know what it actually represented.

Gina was now officially a submissive to Olivia’s brother Harrison, a Racy police sergeant, and Zach Kincaid, one of Racy’s councilmen. Olivia couldn’t be happier for her friend. Jealous, but very happy. And to have been invited here tonight to The Fit Bod, Racy’s only gym, to witness the ceremony along with others in the lifestyle, made Olivia proud. She wanted so badly to be a part of them.

“I’m thinking with that red hair of yours, something gold would suit you better.”

She whirled around and stared up into the pewter-colored eyes of Racy’s fire investigator, Storm Jamison. Between those eyes and his dark, thick hair, Storm epitomized his name. Olivia never knew how to react to him. She was both wary of and fascinated by him.

She’d had one drink with him and Cameron Sinclair, the fire chief, at Luke’s Bar the other night, and both men had spent a lot of time recently on the phone with her, and had sent her multiple text messages.

Storm had made her laugh out loud with his first text about train whistles, and how you could hear them, especially at night in Racy, but only if you listened very carefully as the closest tracks were several miles away. From that point on, Olivia had found herself listening for them.

Cameron kept her apprised of the reconstruction in downtown Racy by texting her about the architectural details, and what he felt they were and weren’t getting right as they repaired the buildings damaged by the recent EF 3 tornado.

But as much fun as it was to discuss trains and architecture with them, she felt way, way out of her league with each of them. They were Doms in Maddox’s club, larger than life, and had interesting careers. She’d had sex with one man, exactly two times before he’d dumped her for not being hot enough in bed.

“And longer perhaps,” said Storm, his gaze roving over her light summer top. “More delicate, too.”

She now wished that she’d brought along a jacket, although when they’d all sat down on the grass along the river earlier to wait for the July 4 fireworks display, it had still been warm. Right now, he looked as though he wanted to gobble her up. As much as that thought excited her, she was certain it would only end up with her being humiliated when he realized she had no idea what she was doing in bed.

“Are you planning on collaring me, Storm, or just wanting to buy me jewelry?” Olivia laughed at her own question, more from nervousness than anything. Every time she said something off the cuff, she immediately regretted it. To say she’d always been tongue-tied around gorgeous men was an understatement, and Storm qualified as gorgeous with a capital G.

“Maybe both?” His intense stare was both teasing and sexy as hell. It sent her mind racing to dark, forbidden places that existed only in her dreams.

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