Sunday, January 22, 2017

#SexySnippets: It Wouldn't Be Ethical


Enjoy a sexy snippet from AWAKENING HER RACY PASSION - Racy Nights 9. This is book nine of a fifteen-book series I wrote as Tara Rose.

In this scene, Ria Rodriguez is at Nan's Place with public defender Wyatt Rohan, who has just told her he will need to recuse himself from defending the man Ria saw stab another man outside her brother's bar...

She frowned. “You just said all those things about him deserving a defense. Why did you suddenly your mind?”

He covered her hand and gave it a tiny squeeze, sending little jolts of electricity straight to her wet pussy. “I haven’t changed my mind. But I can’t defend a man and date the key witness for the crime of which he’s been accused at the same time. It wouldn’t be ethical.”

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