Sunday, January 8, 2017

#SexySnippets: Any Questions?


Enjoy a sexy snippet from TEMPTING THEIR RACY SHRINK - Racy Nights 3. This is book three of a fifteen-book series I wrote as Tara Rose.

In this scene, Maddox McCree, Racy's infamous Dom, is showing Julie his club for the first time...

She was aware of his breathing, his scent, and the heat from his body.

“Any questions, Julie?” That voice…so warm and full of erotic promises. Had it always been that smooth and confident? It was difficult to remember. They’d had classes together in middle school and high school, and of course they’d been in the same grade in elementary school, but Maddox McCree had never been the kind of boy that girls like Julie Carruthers simply walked up to and started a conversation with.

“Too many.”

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