Wednesday, January 4, 2017

MidWeek Tease: Winning Her Racy Heart - Racy Nights 1

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During past weeks in #SexySnippets, MidWeek Tease, and Tantalizing Thursdays, I've posted teases from my books written under my Carolyn Rosewood pen name. Now, we're moving on to my Tara Rose name.

Today, enjoy a tease from Racy Nights 1 - WINNING HER RACY HEART. This is my Tara Rose debut series, published with Siren-BookStrand, and contains 15 books total. This is the beginning of chapter one.

You can purchase the entire Racy Nights series from Siren-BookStrand by clicking HERE.

Kari Tye broke a freshly manicured nail while using a crowbar to pry open the large crate two burly men had just dumped in the middle of the floor. They could at least have offered to help her open the damn thing. Obviously they weren’t local to Racy, Indiana.

The residents in her hometown would have opened the crate and helped her hang the neon sign above the front porch. The fun part would have been the look on their faces as they realized the name of her shop. Once they did, they would have clucked their tongues and gossiped about it for the next ten years, while finding excuses to come in and have a look around. Just out of curiosity, of course.

By the time she got the crate open, sweat had collected along her scalp, forcing her already curly mess of hair into a frizzy nightmare. She really needed to find a salon. The nail place was just around the corner, but she’d probably have to drive into Indianapolis to get her hair done the way she liked it.

Her underarms were damp, and now the new parquet flooring was covered in sawdust and packing peanuts. She sat back on her heels and wondered again for the fiftieth time that day just why the hell she was doing this.

“Is that the sign? Finally.” Her ultra-perky BFF Alexa sprinted toward the crate, dripping paintbrush still in hand.

“Alexa, the paint!” Kari hadn’t meant to yell quite so loudly, but she also didn’t want to clean neon pink paint from the floor. For one thing, it didn’t go well with the sawdust.

“Oh…” Alexa stared at the paintbrush in her hand as if she’d forgotten it was there. “Sorry.”

Kari chuckled as Alexa headed for the sink in the back room. Alexa was a dingbat on the best of days, but Kari had never had a more loyal or fun friend. It was impossible to be angry with her. She scooped the rest of the packing peanuts out of the crate and stuffed them into a plastic garbage bag. “I thought they stopped using these years ago.”

“They did.” Alexa came back into the room, sans brush but with a new pink streak across her left cheek. It almost matched the pink streaks in her hair. “Did you look at it yet? Did they get the colors right?”

“Yes. It’s perfect.”

Together, they tried to lift it out of the crate and nearly dropped it as they eased it back down. “Yeah, uh, I guess it weighs a bit more than I expected.” Kari had to laugh or she’d cry. What the hell had she been thinking when she decided to buy this hundred-year-old house on the outskirts of town and turn the downstairs into a sex shop?

She must have been breathing in too many chemicals from the Hudson River for the past fifteen years. Now that she was back in Indiana, she could breathe in the smells of corn and horse manure again. Yeah. That ought to clear her head.

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  1. Always amazed at how talented you and your alter egos are. Well done, again!

  2. I loved this story! So great to see you tease from your Tara stories :)

  3. Hot tease! How many pen names do you have? Do you find it difficult to juggle them?

    1. Thanks, Angelica! :) I have three, but only write under Ravenna Tate now. The books I've been sharing written under my Carolyn Rosewood and Tara Rose pen names were published in 2011 through 2014.

  4. Love this! I will definitely need to read this series!

  5. Fab tease, Ravenna! You are so prolific - I'll never keep up with all your books :)