Wednesday, January 11, 2017


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Today, enjoy a tease from Racy Nights 4 - SATISFYING THEIR RACY DESIRES. This is my Tara Rose debut series, published with Siren-BookStrand, and contains 15 books total. In this snippet, Annalise Kerr is on a date with Racy's sexy, shy veterinarian, Dustin Alexander.

You can purchase the entire Racy Nights series from Siren-BookStrand by clicking HERE.

Annalise drained her wine glass and watched his hands as he poured her another one. They were strong-looking hands with clean nails. What would they feel like kneading her breasts, or cupping her soaking wet pussy? How erotic would it be to have those long fingers tangled in her hair or stroking her thighs and ass?

“So, who is going to answer the tough questions first, I wonder?” He raised his wine glass. “Will the mysterious Annalise Kerr tell me why she left Cincinnati, or will I cave and tell her why I don’t have a wife and six kids?”

“Six is an awful lot.”

“These days it is. But I have five siblings.”

“Do you? Tell me about them.”

Their salads arrived, and Annalise was grateful for the distraction. He took a few bites before speaking again. “I can trace my family back to the original descendants of Racy in 1898. I have two sisters, and they’re both married with kids, living right here in Racy. One brother is living in Chicago and the other is in Lafayette. Quite the scandal, I might add. They’re the first two of our family to settle somewhere other than Racy.”

She gave him her best smile. “I’m shocked. So where do you fit in there? Firstborn? Second? Or are you the baby of the family?”

“The worst possible place to be. I’m the middle child.”

“Ah, the middle child. That is the toughest spot to be in. I’m an only child, and that has its own challenges.”

“Challenges? Are you kidding? I would have killed to be an only child. Everything I wore was handed down from my two brothers.”

Annalise laughed. “The grass is always greener. I was the one begging my mother for a sister.”

“I suppose everyone feels that way.” He finished his salad then rested his hands in his chin. “So, now you know my tragic family secrets. Time to tell me why you left Cincy.”

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