Monday, December 5, 2016


The votes are in!! I'm thrilled to announce that you voted
UNYIELDING - Tortured Love 1 - the Best Dark Romance!!

Here's an excerpt from UNYIELDING...

“Is there anyone you aren’t connected to?”

He chuckled. “I don’t know the President personally.”

“Oh, well, there you go. You do have flaws.”

Merrick pulled her onto his lap and nuzzled her neck. “I’ll show you my flaws, smart ass.”

“I happen to love your flaws.”

He brushed his hand over her left breast. “That’s because you’re sick and twisted.”

She moaned softly and shoved her hand between his legs. “You like me sick and twisted. Admit it.”

Merrick bit her nipple gently through her clothes. “I wouldn’t want you any other way.”

Lynda’s pussy was soaked. “You ever make love out here?”


She laughed. “Okay. Forget I asked that. No … wait. Did you do it in the daylight?”

He gave her such a sexy grin she could barely stand it. “No. Not yet…”

Lynda glanced around. So many eyes in so many buildings could see them, assuming they were looking right now. But the idea of it gave her a huge thrill. “Dare we try?”

His eyes grew dark, sending delicious shivers down her spine. “Don’t dare me to, Lynda. I’ll definitely do it then, and I won’t care who sees us.”

“That’s one of the things I happen to love about you.” It was the closest she’d come to saying “I love you.” She held her breath, but the only reaction to her comment was to bite her other nipple.

She stroked his cock through his pants, and then when he moved his hand between her legs, she knew all bets were off. The hell with whoever saw them. Merrick rubbed her clit until she moaned loudly and was close to an orgasm. “Please…”

“I’ll let you come if you agree to fuck me out here.”

“Okay. Yes.”


His tone of voice made her laugh. She took his face in her hands and kissed him, hard. “Yes. Really.”

Merrick stood her up and pulled down her pants, taking her panties with him. Then he moved her closer to his mouth so he could lick her pussy, circling her clit until she was ready to scream with need. “You’re soaked, Lynda. God, I love how wet you get!”

“I can’t help it. You do that to me.”

Merrick stood and took his dick out of his pants, and all she wanted to do was wrap her mouth or hand around it, but he had other plans. He turned her around to face the table. “Lean over it. Ass in the air. I’m going to fuck your pussy from behind.”

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UNYIELDING is the first book in my Tortured Love series. This is a series of dark romances not connected to each other in any way except content. The second book IRREFUTABLE is available by clicking HERE. I'm currently at work on the third book in this series.

And check out the other winners and runner-ups in this blog post!!

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