Thursday, December 8, 2016

Tantalizing Thursdays: Measured Words


I'm sharing a bit more from my current WIP. I'm hoping this will be my next Tortured Love series release, and I'm aiming for submission of this one to Evernight next week. Enjoy!!

There was no way Kendra was going to sleep that night. She played over every second of her conversation with Blake at Tully’s, including each of his facial expressions. To say he’d looked disappointed when she hadn’t agreed to have dinner with him was an understatement. She couldn’t even say why she had hesitated. She already knew he wasn’t married, and she’d meant what she had said. He wasn’t trying to hurt her.

On the surface, he was perfect. And maybe that was it? He was too perfect. Showing up at an opportune time twice now, saying the right things, showing the appropriate combination of emotions, and asking open-ended questions to get her talking. If it hadn’t been for the bizarre reaction over seeing her with his senior yearbook, she’d swear his words were rehearsed.

No, not rehearsed. Controlled. Yes. that was a better word. Measured, even. As if he was two steps ahead of her and planning what to say and how to react. With the exception of one tiny detail. She hadn’t yet seen anything on his face or in his eyes, or heard any inflection in his voice that led her to believe he was lying. Everything came out genuine, if a bit cautious.

And maybe caution was all that was going on with him? He had been through a horrendous, public divorce. Something like that was bound to affect a person. And he had looked hurt when she’d let him read the Facebook comments.

She imagined he was used to bad publicity, having been in so many publications by now, but she’d read a lot of interviews and articles on him recently, and no one had ripped him apart, or accused him of being a serial killer. Those Facebook comments had to have been rough to read, and he didn’t deserve them.

**This is copyrighted material, and is the property of Ravenna Tate

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