Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tantalizing Thursdays: Everyone Knows Who You Are


Since I received so many positive and encouraging comments from yesterday's MidWeek Tease post, I'm sharing more from my current WIP. I'm hoping this will be my next Tortured Love series release, and I'm aiming for submission of this one to Evernight by mid-month. Enjoy!!

Normally, if a man she didn’t know stared at Kendra, or tried to engage her in conversation, she moved away as quickly as possible. She didn’t trust strangers and probably never would. The men she’d dated in the past had either been introduced through mutual friends or co-workers, or were people she’d met at work-related functions.

Something about the dark-haired man with the green eyes was familiar, but she couldn’t quite place him at first. He’d also asked her something after taking a seat on the park bench next to her, and now waited with an expectant expression on his face. But she had no clue what he’d said.

“I’m sorry. What?”

“That book,” he said, pointing. “Is it any good?”

“I don’t know yet. I only started reading it.”

“Two alumni from UW wrote it.”

“Yes, I know.” She closed the book. “I knew them both in school. Did you attend UW Tacoma?”

The smile he gave her lit up his face, not that it needed any help to look gorgeous. “Yep. Class of 1999.”

“2010 for me.”

“Guess we probably didn’t have any classes together.”

His comment made her smile. She liked his voice, and it wasn’t difficult to figure out why. She’d always been drawn to deep, smooth voices. They comforted her, but it hadn’t taken counseling to ferret out the reason.

Kendra mentally pushed away thoughts from ten years ago. This wasn’t the time or place for it. The stranger that night with the deep, sexy voice may have saved her from being raped, but he’d also been there to take pictures, so he was no saint.

“No, I don’t suppose we did. Unless you taught them while I was there.”

“Me? No. Definitely not a teacher. Never had the patience for it.”

“It does take patience.”

An embarrassed look graced his face, which only made him more adorable. “Oh no. Please don’t tell me you’re a teacher.”

“I’m afraid so. I’m a diabetic educator at MultiCare, right here in Tacoma.”

“Does that mean you have a nursing degree as well?”


“I have two cousins who are nurses, but they don’t live here.” He stuck out his hand. “Now that I’ve insulted your profession, I may as well introduce myself. Blake Bombay.”

Of course! Holy shit. That’s why he seemed so familiar. She shook his hand. “Kendra Kensington. And I’m so sorry I didn’t recognize you.” His face had been on the cover of nearly every magazine in the country, and he was always showing up in news stories on the Internet.

“Please don’t apologize.” His grip was warm and firm, but he didn’t hang onto her hand unnecessarily the way most men did when they met her. She liked that. He knew when to let go.

“Well, I mean, you are a celebrity.” Heat rushed up her neck. Could she sound any lamer if she tried? “I feel silly for not having realized who you were.”

“I’d hardly call myself a celebrity. And to be fair, unless you’re a fan of architectural photography, you might have no clue who I am.”

“I don’t need to be a fan of it to recognize you. Everyone who lives in this state, at the very least, knows who you are.”**

**This is copyrighted material, and is the property of Ravenna Tate

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