Sunday, December 18, 2016

#SexySnippets: Spanked By An Angel


Enjoy a sexy snippet from SPANKED BY AN ANGEL - Notorious Nephilim 1. This is book one of a six-book series I wrote under Carolyn Rosewood. The series was published by Siren-BookStrand, and tells the story of six Nephilim - fallen angels - placed under a powerful curse by a demon whose affections they once spurned.

The first book is set in the present day, but then beginning with book 2 - SEDUCING THE CHAMBERMAID - set in the 1930s, the history of the resort these six angels run unfolds, as well as the story behind why they were cursed.

“I wonder how you have time to give every guest a personal tour,” she said, her mouth watering, though from the smell of food or his enticing scent, she wasn’t sure.

He gave her a smoldering look that sent her heart racing. “We do pride ourselves on catering to every desire our guests have, Abigail.”

The sounds from the kitchen faded away, and there were only Emmett’s eyes, now a darker shade of blue. Abigail watched in fascination as the air around his head seemed to electrify, setting his close-cropped hair on end as though static electricity had passed between them. The scent of vanilla intensified, making her head woozy and her knees weak. Images of naked, sweaty bodies and soft candlelight filled her head, sending shock waves of desire straight to her soaking wet pussy.

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