Saturday, December 3, 2016

Saturdays In Indy: Christmas Trees!!!

Here it is!! The long awaited post!! We began in October, before Halloween. When you put up this many trees AND decorate them, AND work full time, AND try to write every day, you need to start early.

We start with the dining room. This one has two trees. The blue one is something we began almost twenty years ago, in the house where we last lived in Ohio. The gold one used to be in an office off the family room in that house, but since the dining room in this house is large, it fits nicely in there now.

Next is the living room. My little village is set up in there, too. This room is a cave! LOL!! It's huge, so we have lots of room in there to play with.

That's the mantel up there, and next to it is the music tree. This is one of many trees Nicole used to have in her room and decorate. You can't see the detail in this picture, but the tree contains ornaments that have to do with music, including some in the shape of instruments. Nicole has always had a love of music, and graduated in 2015 with a BS in Music Performance.

This one we simply call the purple tree. It's a mishmash of left over purple ornaments from Nicole's Harry Potter tree (no, we no longer do that one!), and other trees we've decorated in the past. It goes well in the room because of the coloring.

This is the first tree we ever put up together as a couple, although the actual tree is now long gone. But most of the ornaments are still around! We've added quite a few over the years. We call it the Victorian tree because the ornaments look Victorian.

And below is the village! The pictures follow it around from one end to the other.

The next room is what we call the Gettysburg room. David is a huge Civil War buff, and has memorabilia from both the North and the South in this room. He's been collecting it a long time. There are two trees in this room, plus a decorated mantel.

We call this one the old-fashioned tree. It has a multitude of ornaments that look, or actually are, from the 1950s or earlier. We also have glass ornaments and others that are very delicate, that we've collected from various places we've visited over the years.

This one has pewter ornaments, and I love it because it just goes so well with the room.

Also in this room are my Charlie Brown ornaments on the apothecary table that holds the Comcast modem. LOL!!

Popping down to the basement for a moment so you can see Nicole's Phantom of the Opera tree! This was her creation years ago after seeing Phantom for the first time.

Now back upstairs for Nicole's cow tree in the foyer! She was fascinated with cows when she was younger.

David always does such a pretty job of decorating the foyer and staircase each year.

This is the mantel in the family room. This room has three trees as well.

We call this the red tree for obvious reasons. It's my favorite of all of them because of the ornaments on it.

This tree has copper ornaments on it, although it's difficult to see them in this picture. It's a very tall tree and was originally in the great room of our prior home in Tennessee.

We have more pieces for this Nativity scene, but there's no room for them!!

And this is the last of Nicole's creations - the Wicked tree!

This tree is in our bedroom, and has gold, silver, and purple bulbs on it.

And this in my writing room. It's from the 1960s and has those aluminum branches you have to shove into holes in the stand, just like we had when I was a kid! The color wheels are also that old, but David re-wired them so they're safe to use now.

That's it! Thanks for letting me share my indoor Christmas decorations with you!!

Until next week, enjoy your Saturday!