Wednesday, December 7, 2016

MidWeek Tease: Kind Of Bizarre, Isn't It?

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Today I'm offering a sneak peek at what I hope will be my next release, RELENTLESS. This is the third book in my Tortured Love series, and I hope to have it to Evernight in a couple of weeks!!

Blake and Kendra had a pleasant but short chat in the park where she spends a lot of time, and Kendra can't stop thinking about it ...

The next three days were so busy at work that Kendra had no more than a few minutes to detour through the park each afternoon on her way home, but she didn’t spot Blake. She was acting silly, and didn’t understand why she felt the need to see him again. She knew nothing about him except what she’d read online, and so far she hadn’t gone scouring for everything out there. Not yet, at least.

But there was someone she could ask. Someone who probably knew everything ever written about him.

“Do you know who Blake Bombay is?” She was in the cafeteria having lunch with Nicole Harrington, her co-worker and the woman who had trained her in this role. Nicole was a confirmed celebrity gossip hound, and she’d been known to quote entire articles on several of them. If there was gossip out there about Blake, Nicole would have it.

“Is there anyone who doesn’t know who he is?”

“Probably not. I met him in McKinley Park earlier this week.”

Nicole raised her brows. “Really? You mean he was just there?”

“He sat down next to me and asked me about that book I checked out of the university library last week.” The hair on the back of Kendra’s neck prickled at the look of disbelief on Nicole’s face. Was there something Nicole knew about Blake she’d rather not hear?

“One of the wealthiest men in Seattle … strike that. In the world just happens to be in McKinley Park, and sits down next to you to discuss a book on diabetes education?”

“Kind of bizarre, isn’t it?” Saying it out loud only confused her thoughts further. The same dissonance had been clanging around in her brain for days now, even while she hoped she’d see him again. Hearing Nicole confirm the craziness of the incident made her discomfort real.

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  1. "It could happen!" One of my favorite quotes from the movie Angels in the Outfield! Guess she'll find out soon enough what his intentions are. Great tease!

  2. But will it go further than book discussing? Wonderful tease and great hook!

  3. I'm hooked as much as Nicole is. Great tease, Ravenna.

  4. When you put it like that, it does sound bizarre. Can't wait to red more! Great tease :-)