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MidWeek Tease: I Find Demons Fascinating

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This past week in #SexySnippets, MidWeek Tease, and Tantalizing Thursdays, I've posted teases from Notorious Nephilim 1, 3, and 3 - SPANKED BY AN ANGEL, SEDUCING THE CHAMBERMAID, and TEMPTED BY TWO ANGELS. 

Today, enjoy a tease from Notorious Nephilim 4 - HER WANTON WAYS!! The year is 1952, but Joelle is not your typical fifties woman. Let's join her as she checks into Lilith's Playground for her vacation.

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Her heels clacked on the cement parking lot as she made her way to the entrance. Sunlight glinted off the windows facing her, but the bright day was deceiving. A biting wind blew from the north, and Joelle pulled her coat tighter.

The newscaster on the radio last night said there was the possibility of snow this weekend. Snow in mid-October wasn’t unusual this far north. Joelle smiled at the thought of being snowed in at this resort, which advertised fireplaces in every room and an attentive staff. The firsthand accounts from former guests promised a bit more than that as well, and again Joelle wondered how truthful they had been.

A uniformed bellhop rushed out to greet her, apologizing that she’d had to walk from the parking lot with her bags. Joelle turned around. “It’s one hundred yards, if even that.”

He looked flustered as he took the bags and held open the front door. Stepping across the threshold, she inhaled the scent of wood polish and cinnamon. A roaring fire crackled behind a large stone hearth at the far end of the room. Several people sat in comfortable-looking chairs near it, laughing and holding wineglasses, even though it was only three in the afternoon. Drinking in the middle of the day. Joelle could get used to this place.

On her right, the entire wall was decorated with framed photos. One in particular caught her eye. The woman was tall and striking, dressed in flapper garb. Her dark eyes held a note of mischief. Joelle immediately liked her.

“That’s our ancestor Lilith. The resort is named after her.” She turned at the sound of the deep voice to find a tall man with eyes as blue as a lake on a cloudless summer day. The scent of cloves hung about him, reminding Joelle of pumpkin pie, and her mouth watered at the thought of it. A lock of blond hair fell across his forehead, and she fought a sudden urge to reach up and brush it out of the way.

“She’s striking,” said Joelle. “Her gaze is hypnotic and mischievous at the same time.”

“Yes, she was both of those qualities. Quite the little demon at times, I’m told.”

As the man stared at the picture, the corners of his mouth turned up. Joelle wondered what it would be like to kiss those full lips.

“I find demons fascinating,” she said.

The look he gave her made Joelle’s clothes suddenly feel too tight. She tried not to stare, but the man’s face was beyond handsome. High cheekbones and just the hint of a cleft in his chin gave him fun, boyish features. Features she could stare at for hours…in bed.

“You find demons fascinating? How unusual.”

“Do you really think so? History is full of stories about angels and demons interacting with humans. And there are too many instances of unexplained phenomena in the world to completely discount the presence of supernatural creatures.”

The look of incredulity on his face made Joelle wonder if she’d ever learn to keep her unconventional opinions to herself.

“I find your beliefs quite refreshing. I’m Blade Fallon, one of the owners.” As he extended his hand and she shook it, a jolt of electricity rose up her arm and shot straight to her pussy.

Joelle struggled to find her voice. “Joelle. Joelle Albright. I have a reservation.” Idiot. Why else would she be standing in the lobby of a resort with a bellhop holding her bags? This gorgeous man would no doubt think her a few bricks shy of a load.

“Welcome, Joelle.” He offered his arm, and she took it, wrapping her hand tightly around the linen fabric of his suit jacket. Expensive fabric, if her fingertips were correct in their assessment. The owners should be able to afford to dress well for what this place cost.

“Let’s get you get checked in.”

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