Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tantalizing Thursdays Debut: Inside The Mind Of A Stalker

Welcome to the debut of TANTALIZING THURSDAYS!!!

Today I'd like to give you a sneak peek at the next Tortured Love series book I'm working on. The hero has been stalking the heroine for ten years...

There she is…

How does one go about arranging to meet the person they’ve been stalking for ten years, but not have it freak them out or leave them suspicious? There aren’t books to consult on the subject. Any advice one might find on the Internet would likely trigger being placed on a Department of Homeland Security or FBI watch list.

Blake had spent years planning this moment. He knew Kendra’s routine inside and out, although she hadn’t come to the library during the past few weeks as often as she sometimes did. Every piece of information available online about her had been memorized a long time ago. Each scrap of her life that he’d tracked was catalogued and filed away in that scrapbook.

Since he knew everything about the incident ten years ago, he was in the best position to help her deal with the pain from those memories. The fact that he was pond scum for having been there in the first place was something he still dealt with, even though that part of his life had died that night. And he’d never once been tempted to return to it.

These days, he trained his many cameras on entirely different subjects, mostly inanimate. Except for Kendra. He’d taken scores of pictures of her. Surely, such a change in one’s life counted for something. Certainly he’d erased the bad deeds with good by now. All the men he’d saved Kendra from being hurt by had surely earned him karma points. If those weren’t considered good deeds, what the hell was?

The culmination of everything he wanted would be the moment she saw him as he was now. Successful, well-known, never without a camera in his hand. He would be her prince on the white horse. Or perhaps in a white car. He’d become the man she knew was out there, but hadn’t yet found.

The person she’d briefly glimpsed that night in the Alpha Chi Gamma frat house ten years ago no longer existed, and the reason he no longer did was because of her. Because of her beautiful face and those haunted, pleading eyes. She had set him on this path. This better path. This redemptive path. That was the man Kendra would soon know.**

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

**This is copyrighted material, and is the property of Ravenna Tate

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