Sunday, November 20, 2016

#SexySnippets: A Sexy Spanking


This week's snippet is from my upcoming release, THE ALPHA'S SECRET MATE - Blood Moon Lynx 3. Look for it this Tuesday, November 22nd!!

“Does standing up for yourselves include more fucking with your mates?”

“I sure hope so.” She placed the tray on the nightstand before crawling on top of him. Stone was so shocked and delighted at her assertiveness that for a few seconds, while his tongue ravished the inside of her mouth, he forgot he’d promised her a spanking. What kind of an alpha would he be if he let something like that slide?

Before she had a chance to wiggle out of his arms, he turned her around and bent her over one thigh, holding her down with the other leg, and with his free hand.

“Hey, no fair!”

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  1. Ha! Looks like she's going to get that promise fulfilled! Great snippet!

  2. Heh, they sound like such a fun couple :-)