Sunday, November 27, 2016

#Sexy Snippets: Keeping Secrets


This week's snippet is from my newest release, THE ALPHA'S SECRET MATE - Blood Moon Lynx 3. Click HERE to purchase directly from Evernight Publishing!!

Fresh guilt washed over her, as it did too often these days. She’d kept a huge secret from everyone, including Stone. Keeping it from their friends was one thing, but she’d kept it from her mate as well. That was a huge deal.

What would she do when Stone found out? How could she tell him her real past while justifying why she’d kept something so important from him? Each day that passed made it more vital that he know the truth, but it also put one day longer between the time she’d met him, and the point where she finally told him the truth.

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  1. I can feel her pain here in this snippet. Well done! Definitely need to read this to find out what her secret is that is so horrible it is tearing her up inside!

  2. Oh my, you can so feel her anguish here. I do hope it'll work out alright! Fab snippet.

  3. Oh, the suspense! You've got me hanging now :D

  4. Her guilt is so palpable. I wonder what he'll do when he finds out her secret.

  5. Really good and I can feel her pain. I hope it works out for her.... pssst....your mate will understand!