Saturday, November 12, 2016

Saturdays In Indy: Christmas in November!!

Welcome to another edition of Saturdays In Indy

That mess on the left is the living room, currently. There are three Christmas trees in there (Yes... I said THREE) and they will likely be decorated before this weekend is over. In addition to the trees, those two folding tables will contain an entire village of lighted houses, bridges, people in sleighs, and other assorted trinkets, complete with fake snow. Yes, I will post pictures when the entire house is done.

The ENTIRE house??? YES. When you put up twelve to fourteen trees each year, plus additional indoor decorations AND outdoor decorations, you need to start early.

David I begin decorating this home for Christmas before Halloween. It's true. The secret is out. Now you understand. Each tree takes an average of three hours to do, from taking it out of the bin where it's stored, to the final ornament placed on the branches.

The indoor decorations include the village described above, the decorated/lighted bannister, and various things on tables and fireplace mantels. That takes a few hours as well.

The outdoors takes roughly eight hours total, assuming none of the bulbs are broken or burned out, and nothing goes wrong. Ha-ha. Something always does. Minor things, thank goodness, but decorating the outside is usually a week-long event.

So why do we do it? Well, quite simply, we love to. What other reason do we need, after all? We've been together more than thirty years, and have been married twenty-eight. Over the years, we've collected a lot of Christmas trees, and a lot of ornaments. Each tree has a color scheme or a theme.

In the living room above, there's our Victorian-themed tree, Nicole's music-themed tree, and what we simply call the purple tree. The dining room has the blue tree and the gold tree, and in the hallway on a table is a small tree decorated with cow ornaments. (Cows? Did she say COWS?)

When we first moved to Murfreesboro, Tennessee eleven years ago, Nicole was fascinated with cows. Yes, we had cows in Ohio, but she'd never seen so many, or so many varieties, as they have in Middle Tennessee. You guessed it. That first Christmas, we began collecting ornaments for her cow tree. Here's a picture of the cow tree when we first began. It has a lot more on it now.

In the room off the foyer there are two trees. One has gold bulbs on it and the other we call our old-fashioned tree. It has ornaments that look like the old-fashioned ones from the 1950s and 1960s, plus ornaments from various places we've visited.

In the family room, we have the red tree, the copper tree, and another of Nicole's trees. This one has a Wicked theme, and I think it's simply the cleverest one she ever designed.

The basement has a tree this year - her Phantom of the Opera tree. Upstairs, there's another tree in our room that has a variety of ornaments on it, and in my writing room is my silver tree. It's a bit taller than the one we had when I was a kid, but it's an old one, meaning you still have to shove the individual branches into a wooden pole, and they're made out of aluminum. No lights on this one!! Instead of the blue bulbs we had when I was a kid, I chose red ones.

My grandparents had a 7 foot one with red bulbs and a color wheel. I used to love to lay on the ground under that tree and watch the wheel change the colors of the branches and the ceiling red, orange, blue, green... red, orange, blue, green... I never grew tired of it. My own tree has TWO color wheels. They're very old, but David re-wired them for me so we don't burn down the house when they're on.

Well, back to work for me! I have edits to finish and return today for the last Blood Moon Lynx book, and then it's onto finishing up those three trees in the living room!

Until next week, enjoy your Saturday!


  1. WOW! You have a whole lot of trees! But can I just say, I am a huge...and I mean HUGE Phantom of the Opera fan. Pleeeaaassseee take a picture of the Phantom tree for me? Thanks!

    1. Thanks! I'm going to post pics of all trees and decorations when the house is done. :)