Wednesday, November 2, 2016

MidWeek Tease: Yes, You Have Been A Bad Girl

Welcome to MidWeek Tease hosted by Angelica Dawson!

Today I'm offering another snippet from my latest release, THE ALPHA'S FORBIDDEN MATE. This is the second in my Blood Moon Lynx series, and it's available from Evernight Publishing by clicking HERE!!

Gillian had never felt anything so exquisite in her life. Arizona didn’t spank her particularly hard, but the swats were forceful enough that they stung. She loved it. More than she had imagined she would. Several times she wiggled her ass for him, and each time she was rewarded with more sexy growls and additional swats.

“I’ve been a bad girl. I deserve this.”

“Gillian, this is so damn sexy. And yes, you have been a bad girl.” She cried out in surprise as the strikes grew much harder suddenly. “A very bad girl. Teasing me the way you have for weeks.” He wrapped an arm around her waist, and she shivered at the dominance of the gesture.

“Toying with me at dinner. Shoving this perfect ass in my face until I had no choice but to punish you for your behavior.”

“Oh God,” she whispered as he got serious with the swats. It really burned now, and she had no clue how his own hand wasn’t hurting. Every happy thought she’d ever had bubbled up until tears spilled over her lids. The line between pain and pleasure blurred before disappearing altogether. They were one now. One perfect spanking that sent shivers up and down her spine, and forced her clit to throb as another climax grew.

“You are so beautiful. I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk.”

The sheer strength in his voice was enough to bring on the start of her orgasm. When he released her waist, only to push her prone against the bed and spread her legs, she cried out as he slid his swollen cock into her pussy.

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