Saturday, October 29, 2016

Saturdays In Indy: Why I Love October

Welcome to another edition of Saturdays In Indy

I love this time of year!! I'm not a lie-on-the-beach-and-soak-up-hot-sun kind of girl. I never have been. I was born and raised in northeast Ohio, where 85 degrees was a considered a heat wave, and where we had more than 50% cloud cover during the year. But in October, magical things happened!

The colors of the leaves aren't quite as intense here in Indianapolis as they were in Cleveland, but they're still very pretty. The picture above is really from this area. Our back yard right now is ablaze with golds and yellows. The leaves drop later here, too, than what I'm used to, and they don't seem to do it all in one weekend which is how I remember it. That's nice because there is a lot of time to enjoy the beauty.

And of course Monday is Halloween!!

We're finally getting into some cooler weather here, which I love! It energizes me, and I feel less sluggish and uncomfortable. I won't even bother putting on a winter coat to walk to and from the parking lot at work until it's in the 30s. And I won't bother zipping it up until it's in the 20s and windy.

I love the smell in the air this time of year. The leaves on the ground, the crispness to the air, and the anticipation of cold, windy nights and the S word. Yes, SNOW. There. I said it.

This time of year at home brings both our wedding anniversary and my birthday, which I celebrated Thursday. I was at work, but when I got home, David and Nicole had presents waiting for me, as well as carrot cake. That's my favorite!

Yesterday at work, my boss came back from traveling all week to bring me cupcakes from Gigi's! YUM!! He also had a card for me, and an Amazon gift certificate which I will put to good use. And as an extra treat, he told me to go home two hours early and not worry about recording it as time off. Hey, he's the boss! Who am I to argue with that? LOL!

The other thing this time of year brings is Christmas trees! Oh yeah. Just wait a month or so when they're all up and decorated. We are confirmed Christmas junkies in this house, and this year we will have no less than 14 trees up inside. That means we start early! David does some outside decorations, but with the wind here we have to be careful what we put on the house or in the yard. It's no fun chasing the decorations down the street every day. LOL!

Thanks for letting me share my love of October with you!!

Until next week, enjoy your Saturday!


  1. Hi Ravenna!
    I'm from Indiana as well!!!! I live in Mooresville, about 30 minutes south of Indianapolis and I absolutely LOVE Fall here! The best place to experience the changing of the leaves is Nashville, IN in Brown County, about an hour drive from Indianapolis. Enjoy the weather neighbor!

    1. Oh wow! So cool!! Thank you so much for commenting!! :D :D