Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturdays In Indy: Where I Spend Most Of My Saturdays

Welcome to another edition of Saturdays In Indy

I call this one Where I Spend Most Of My Saturdays because that picture up above is my writing room. Yes, I'm fortunate enough to have an entire bedroom upstairs all to myself! It's filled with special books, household paperwork, office supplies, and things I've collected or have received as gifts over the years.

The lamp on the desk is one my husband bought for me when we were still dating. I mentioned one time how much I loved those brass lamps with the green, gold, or dark blue glass shades. Now, in addition to the green one, I also have a gold one. You can see it in the far left corner of this picture, and the entire lamp is visible in the picture below. The dark blue ones are more difficult to find, but my eBay-loving Hubby will find one eventually.

The chair in the corner has a blanket over the seat to protect it from Kitty (she loves to sleep there), but it's an authentic 19th century Victorian chair that has been recovered in that very pretty fabric. It matches the room color so well we keep that one up here.

The typewriter on the short bookcase is one of many old typewriters I have. This particular one is from the 1920s. It still works, although I haven't used it since the ribbons are difficult to find these days.

The books in this bookcase are my special ones. My copy of Sweet, Savage Love by Rosemary Rogers is the first romance novel I ever read, at age 19 ... forty years ago. Yep. I also have a very battered paperback copy of A Rose In Winter by Kathleen Woodiwiss, another favorite romance novel of mine. My Jane Austen books are in there, and there are other treasures that I keep up here for inspiration. The bottom shelf contains all my writing craft books, plus paper copies of every writing contract I've ever signed.

If you look closely at the items on the desk, you'll see my 4th generation Nano iPod in it's docking station. Hey... it might be old, but it still works fine.

The pictures on the wall are both inspirational and they go with the room. The Passion poster says "Nothing in the world has ever been accomplished without passion." I bought that poster in K-Mart two years before I was published, because I believed in my passion for writing. I believed that one day, that poster would hang in a room where I wrote books that others read.

As you can tell from the pics on the wall, I'm a Vincent Van Gogh fan. I love the ways he used colors. His paintings speak to me.

This picture shows you the gold-shaded lamp, plus a pillow with Starry Night on it. The pillow used to light up where the stars are drawn, but the batteries inside have worn out. That's my laptop bag on the rocking chair. I use it to carry my laptop and a few other things back and forth to work every day, so I can sneak in writing on my breaks or at lunch.

These bookcases are filled with various things, including my coffee cup collection. I have a coffee cup with each of my book covers, but I'm about two years behind! LOL! I'll catch up one of these days. I also have coffee cups from various places I've visited, as well as other trinkets given to me or that I've collected.

On the wall next to the window you can see part of my Wizard of Oz wall decorations that adorn the room.

Thank you for letting me share my writing space with you today. Back to work for me!

Until next week, enjoy your Saturday!


  1. I love your writing room, Ravenna! It gives off such a great vibe. Starry Night is one of my favorite paintings. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Great minds think alike! <3 Thank you, Sandra! :)

  2. Just proves you don't have to go out to get inspiration. Have a great weekend!
    ~Jules Dixon