Friday, September 9, 2016

New Cover Love!!! IRREFUTABLE - Tortured Love 2


Tortured Love 2

**Coming September 14th from Evernight Publishing**

Ex-con Carolyn Lucchesi receives a shock nastier than another prison sentence when she discovers she inadvertently lied to the police. Uncle Tony had sworn to her the man in the photo taken from the video footage of a recent robbery at an art museum was none other than infamous ex-con and jewel thief Jagger Tyrell. But when Jagger confronts her in the park, he tells a different story. One that means her beloved uncle lied to her, and set her up for a parole violation.

Jagger has spent nine years avoiding his former associates, and anything to do with prison or the police. When Carolyn thrusts him back into the spotlight, he uses everything at his disposal, including Carolyn’s body, to find out who is trying to frame him for a crime he did not commit, and why.

**Thank you to the fabulous Jay Aheer for another amazing cover!!**

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