Tuesday, August 16, 2016

THE ALPHA'S TABOO MATE - Blood Moon Lynx 1

Blood Moon Lynx 1

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Alpha lynx shifter Canyon Benedict has always known Fiera Kent was his mate. When leopard shifter Hawke Medina tries to claim her, in order to use her as leverage to gain control of the Kent fortune, Canyon takes matters into his own hands. But even after he and Fiera are officially mated, the threat from the Medina family is far from over.

Fiera has loved Canyon from the time she was a child, and is thrilled when he sneaks her away to his family’s secret cabin across the river so they can be mated. But Hawke won’t let it go. Canyon and his father eventually discover illegal business practices that uncover the Medina family’s web of deceit and lies affecting their entire village.

But is it enough? Will Canyon have to fight Hawke to determine which alpha can finally claim Fiera for life?


The kiss he planted on her mouth was so hot, she half expected the bed to catch on fire. The room was as warm as an oven already. She knew that sensation had as much to do with her own body heat as it did from their combined arousal. Shifters ran hot, and there were two inside this cabin.

When Canyon pushed her back on the bed and clamped his mouth on her left nipple, Fiera cried out again as jolts of electricity raced through her body at his touch. She’d never felt anything like this! He sucked gently, alternating that with licking around the nipple, the areola, and the underside of her breast, until she was certain she’d lose her mind.

She clutched at his hair, tangling her fingers in it and surprised by its softness. When he switched to the other nipple, Fiera reached down between her legs and giggled at the wetness there. He glanced up, grinning.

“You find this amusing?”

“I’m soaked. I didn’t know I could get this wet.”

“Hope I have something to do with that.”

“You have everything to do with it.”

A soft chuckle escaped his throat as he grabbed the hand that she’d put between her legs. He licked her wet fingers. “Oh, that tastes incredible.”

When he bent down and spread her legs to lick her pussy, Fiera moaned loudly. The sensation was so incredible that she could barely breathe. He sucked gently on her clit, teasing it with his tongue, until Fiera knew she was going to come. He slid a finger into her wetness and moved it in and out, and that was all it took.

A powerful orgasm overtook her. In response, Fiera arched her back and cried out. Surely his dick inside her couldn’t feel better than this. If it did, she’d pass out from sheer joy. He continued sucking her clit and finger fucking her until the contractions began to subside. Once they did, he lay on top of her again and kissed her.

Fiera wrapped her arms and legs around his hot, hard body and shoved her tongue into his mouth. She tasted her own juices, but she didn’t care. This was so damn wonderful she might never leave this cabin. They could stay here, making love until they couldn’t walk, and she’d be just fine with that.

“Oh, Fiera…” Canyon sat back on his heels and stroked his dick again, then moved closer to her and guided it toward the opening to her wetness. “Are you ready?” His voice was so rough and gravelly, but that only added to the excitement.

“Yes!” She’d been ready for this most of her life. “Take me, Canyon. Make me yours.”

With a loud groan, he began to ease his cock into her pussy. Fiera held her breath and bit her lip because it hurt. “It’s all right, sweetheart. Try to relax your muscles.”

“Okay.” She smiled up at him, touched that he’d noticed her discomfort.

Canyon bent down and kissed her again, gently working his lips over hers until Fiera was so focused on the kiss and the heady sensation it sent coursing through her body, she didn’t realize his cock was finally inside her. There was no pain now, only a fullness that sent shockwaves of desire out to her fingers and toes.

“Oh, yes. That’s it.” When Canyon began to move, Fiera threw back her head and moaned loudly as the most exquisite pleasure flooded her senses. “You’re mine now, Fiera. No one can take you from me. We’re bonded forever!”

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