Wednesday, August 10, 2016

MidWeek Tease: Fear Was The Last Thing She Felt

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Today I'm offering a snippet from my upcoming release, THE ALPHA'S TABOO MATE. This is the first in my Blood Moon Lynx series, and it releases from Evernight Publishing in one week, on August 17, 2016!!

Canyon has taken Fiera to a cabin only he and his family know about, so the two can finally be mated...

“Oh…” His gaze roamed everywhere at once, from her breasts, to her triangle of hair, down her legs, and back up again. Sweat formed in the hollow of her throat as she watched him. Her breathing increased, and her pulse raced.

Everything her cousins had told her about sex came rushing back, but none of it made sense right now. It was a tangled mess of erotic images and advice that Fiera had tried to compartmentalize at the time, as if when this happened, she’d be thinking clearly. She could barely think at all. Every cell in her body was focused on Canyon, and what he might do or say next.

A deep, low growl escaped his throat again. Shivers ran down her spine as a wicked, sexy grin split his face. He was on her before she had time to process that he’d moved. She was in his arms and he was walking. He carried her to the bed and placed her on it, then covered her body with his.

Fiera cried out in pleasure as he kissed her, tangling his fingers in her hair and tugging just hard enough so that she felt it, but not pushing past the point of real pain. It was exhilarating! He moved his tongue against hers and ground his erection into her groin. She arched her hips, wanting more without a complete understanding of what that meant. Not yet anyway. She would know soon enough.

When he broke the kiss, he sat back on his heels and peeled off his shirt. Her arousal skyrocketed at the sight of his hard, muscled torso. She reached up and traced the tats. He moaned loudly and grabbed her hand, licking her palm and across her wrist.

Shivers ran down Fiera’s spine again as he moved off her and removed his pants and underwear. Her jaw dropped open at the sight of his cock. Wow… She’d never seen a fully engorged penis before. It was so red, and the tip was wet. It sprang out of his pubic hair like something alive and separate from the rest of him, as if he had little or no control over it.

“Don’t be afraid, Fiera.” He stroked it slowly, up and down the length, while he held her gaze. “We’ll take our time.”

Fear was the last thing she felt.

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