Wednesday, May 25, 2016

MidWeek Tease: Secrets Don't Stay Buried For Long...

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Today I'm offering another peek at an upcoming release. This is a dark romance called UNYIELDING - Tortured Love 1.

Merrick and Lynda are finally discussing the terms of their arranged marriage...

“All right. Then I agree to those terms. Is there anything else?” Like sex, perhaps?

“One more thing.”

Her heart raced as the lust returned to his eyes. Was she ready to try this again? What if she did, and it was a disaster? What if he insisted on knowing what had happened to her? “What is it?”

He gave her a long, searching look, then caressed her arm. Shivers ran up and down Lynda’s spine, and she couldn’t stop the soft moan in time. His eyes softened and the corners of his mouth turned up. She had given herself away with that moan, and he knew it. She saw it on his face. No sense in pretending she wasn’t aroused.

“Can’t you guess?” he asked, his voice dripping with hot desire. That voice could melt the coldest heart. It sent a nice warm, tingling sensation spreading through her body, straight to her clit. Lynda had to swallow hard against the sudden lump in her throat.

Years of loneliness, fear, pain, and humiliation bubbled up. She was so fucking sick of it. All of it. She was tired of hiding, and she was tired of feeling like she’d never have a sexual encounter that wasn’t tainted or forced. This man was now her husband. He wouldn’t film them and then email the clips to anyone, and he wouldn’t force her to fuck him. If that was his intention, she wouldn’t have fallen asleep alone in this bed before.

“Yes,” she whispered. “Yes, I can guess. I wasn’t sure…” She wasn’t sure of what? That he wanted to have sex with her? That he intended to be faithful, even if they didn’t have sex? So many questions, but if she started firing them off now, the spell would be broken.

“I wasn’t sure whether you wanted this, Lynda.” His hand moved from her arm to her collarbone, brushing across it lightly until her pussy was soaking wet. At the same time, the memories were coming fast and furious once again.

No! No! No! Why couldn’t she make them go away, just for one night? This was her wedding night! Angry frustration built until Lynda wanted to scream.

He was watching her carefully, and when he pulled his hand away, his face turned into that cold, distant mask again. She let out a shaky breath. Tears stung her eyes and she blinked them away.

“Lynda, this is ridiculous. What the hell is going on? I’ve been getting mixed signals all day. Do you want sex to be part of this arrangement or not? We need to talk about this. Why are you afraid of me? I won’t hurt you, but I need to know what you want and expect from me.”

Tears spilled over at the frustration and confusion in his voice. She couldn’t hold them back any longer. “Stop calling it an arrangement, for starters.”

“That’s what it is.”

“Fine. I know that, okay? But could we please not refer to it that way?”

His gaze softened a bit. “All right. Agreed. It’s a marriage and we’ll call it that. Now answer my questions. Please.

She brushed away her tears. He had a right to get answers from her. He hadn’t asked anything outrageous, after all. Lynda sat up straighter and straightened her legs. She folded her hands in her lap and carefully chose her words. If she told him just enough that he accepted her explanation, she could avoid outing her secrets. He’d never have to know.

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  1. Sounds like another great read, Ravenna!

  2. She seems so distressed. I hope they can sort out whatever it is she's afraid of.

  3. He's totally going to find out. :D Oh boy. <3

  4. Great tease. Can't wait to read what comes next!

  5. Wow, she is hiding so much. But, it sounds like both really want to make the arranged marriage work. I wonder if she'll end up telling him in the end. Great tease!

  6. Oh my, he's going to wheedle it out of her. Poor girl clearly had a nasty past. Great tease, Ravenna :-D