Wednesday, May 11, 2016

MidWeek Tease: Alone On Her Wedding Night

Welcome to MidWeek Tease hosted by Angelica Dawson!

Today I'm offering another peek at an upcoming release. This is a dark romance called UNYIELDING - Tortured Love 1.

Merrick and Lynda are at their reception, and this is their first dance...

Of course he was an amazing dancer. She’d have expected nothing less. He moved her across the floor, his hand warm in hers. His opposite hand held her just close enough by the waist to guide her, and she was able to easily follow his lead. It felt as if they’d danced together for years.

It also felt so normal to be dancing with this man that Lynda had to blink back tears again. Reality was finally beginning to set in. She was married. To a man she didn’t even know. All for the sake of a business her father and uncles had run into the ground.

That was crazy enough to accept as her life now, but the bigger surprise was her arousal. She hadn’t thought it possible to feel that way again. How ironic was that? For the first time in three years she started thinking about sex, and it was with a man who had married her for the company she now owned. Nothing more.

Lynda forced a smile to her face as cameras flashed. She had to hold it together for a few more hours, and then she could have a nice hard cry. Alone in her lush bedroom, on her wedding night

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  1. I expect her wedding night isn't going to be as lonely as she expects. Great snippet, Ravenna and best wishes with your submission. I'm sure it's in the bag. ;)

  2. *Grabs popcorn and a glass of wine*

    Okay! Ready for the wedding night!

  3. Looks like she could get some good from this bad situation.

  4. Hm, I bet she won't be alone! Great tease and good luck with your submission :-)

  5. Hope they pick this up. I love arranged marriages that lead to love scenarios.

  6. Oh, I have a feeling she won't be alone. From the teases you've shared from this story, the guy seems to be full of surprises. :) Fabulous tease!