Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sharing Once More: Finding Inspiration In The Storm

This is a reblog of a post I originally wrote as Tara Rose. I wrote it to commemorate the EF4 tornado that struck Murfreesboro, Tennessee on April 10, 2009-Good Friday. We lived in the city at the time, and although our home was not damaged, many people I know lost their homes or sustained extensive damage to them.

Racy Nights 5 - TAMING HER RACY WAYS - was written as a tribute to the town of Murfreesboro, and the way the community pulled together after that tragedy.

And yes, the picture posted above really is from that day, taken from the top floor of a building downtown, by someone who filmed the tornado as it tore through twenty-three and a half miles of residential neighborhoods.

You can read the original post by clicking the link below...

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