Friday, October 9, 2015

New Cover Love!! A SLOW-BURNING DANCE - The Weathermen 5


The Weathermen 5

**Coming October 16th from Evernight Publishing**

When Sela Chavez inspects the unit in a strip mall that will soon become her very own dance studio, she knows she’s on the cusp of a dream come true. Until she spies the arrogant Damien Rivera.

She knows he’s financing the project, but she had hoped not to run into him. When he invites her to a concert, she can’t seem to look away from his gaze, but she refuses to become his next conquest.

Damien is part of a group of friends financing the efforts to put a stop to The Madeline Project. The program now has a mind of its own, thanks to a virus called Tommy Twister. These men have power, resources, and money, but they’re as ruthless and possessive as the storms ravaging Earth.

They call themselves the Weathermen…

**Thank you to the fabulous Jay Aheer for another amazing cover!!**


  1. Beautiful cover! Are any of your reads IR/MC?

    1. Thank you, Kim! :) No, I haven't written any IR/MC books yet. :)