Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mid-Week Tease: EXCLUSIVE ACCESS - The Weathermen 4

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Today I'm offering a snippet from my upcoming release, EXCLUSIVE ACCESS. This is book four of The Weathermen, and it will release Monday, September 28th!! ...

Julianne has spent the night with Kane and he's making her breakfast the next morning...

He grinned, and if she hadn’t been so hungry, she’d walk over and kiss him. The hell with breakfast. “My specialty. Bacon, potatoes, and grits in one pan. I fry it all in butter, garlic, and onions.”


He laughed, then proceeded to spoon a generous amount onto two plates each. “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.”

“The coffee smells good, too. Did you make that as well?”

He gave her a droll look. “Ha-ha. You’re funny in the mornings. I’ll have to entice you to stay over more often.”

“May I pour you a cup as well?”

“Please. I drink it black.”

“So do I.” She poured them each a cup, then took a seat next to Kane at the counter.

He handed her a fork. “Dig in. I want to know how much you love it before I eat my own.”

“Will your ego suffer if I hate it?”

He narrowed his eyes. “Watch it, gorgeous. I’ll lean you over this counter and paddle you with a rubber spatula. That will hurt.”

She had to bite back a moan as images raced through her mind. How did he know exactly what aroused her already? Julianne glanced down at her food and then took a bite. “Oh … oh my. Kane, this is seriously good.”

“I know, right?”

“It’s a good thing you’re so damn cute because that attitude is over the top arrogant.”

He put down his fork and gave her a disconsolate look. “Cute? Cute? You think I’m cute? Puppies are cute. Little girls in pigtails are cute.”

Julianne was laughing so hard she had to stop eating. “It’s the glasses. They’re too adorable, and they really bring out your eyes.” She ran a hand through his soft hair. “And this shaggy mop helps complete the look.”

“Do they teach you how to give backhanded compliments in journalism school?”

“Not until the graduate level.” She picked up her fork again. “It’s a dangerous skill in an amateur’s hands.”

“You’ve perfected it.”

She grinned at him. “I know, right?”

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This is from EXCLUSIVE ACCESS, the fourth book in my series, The Weathermen, which releases Monday, September 28th!!You can find the first three books - AN APPETITE FOR BLACKMAIL, OBSESSION BY DESIGN, and A PRICE OF SECRECY HERE, from Evernight Publishing.

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  1. Haha! They play so well against one another.

  2. Nice snippet, Ravenna, and congrats on the upcoming release!

  3. Oh these two puppy and pigtails adorable! LOL Love their snappy comebacks. They have great chemistry, just like your other Weathermen pairings.

    Nice tease, Ravenna!

  4. Ah, I just love their playful interaction here. Fab tease :)