Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Welcome to Mid Week Tease hosted by Sandra Bunino.

Authors: this is a great opportunity to spotlight a few lines or even a paragraph or two from a new release or backlisted title. Readers: you get to sample some delicious snippets! We’ll do our best to tease, titillate and tantalize you into the weekend.

Today I'm offering a snippet from my upcoming release, EXCLUSIVE ACCESS. This is book four of The Weathermen, and it will release soon!! ... Julianne is in Kane's office again for the first time in five years, but their reunion is anything but friendly…

Julianne Wallis ducked as a pad of paper came sailing toward her. Did he just throw that at me? The pad smacked the door behind her, and Julianne watched Kane Bannerman carefully as he eyed her from across the room. There were several more items on his desk, all of them larger than that tiny pad of paper. Who the hell still uses actual paper to take notes on?

“No!” Kane stood, hazel eyes blazing behind his sexy-as-fuck black-rimmed glasses. “No way. Tell me you did not lie your way in here for another interview.”

His face held an expression of utter contempt and she understood why. Julianne squared her shoulders. “I’m not here for a job interview, Kane. This time it’s for a story.”

“Last time it was for a story, or did you think I’d forgotten that?” His tone was full of disdain, but really, what had she been expecting? Open arms? She’d seduced him and then used him. He glanced toward the land line. “I’m calling security. I have no clue how you got past the front desk or my soon-to-be-fired administrative assistant, but heads will roll for this.”

She advanced toward him, keeping an eye on both hands in case he picked up the receiver, or another object to toss at her head. “Please, just listen to me.”

His right hovered over the phone. “You have three seconds to tell me why I should listen to you ever again.”

Damn, this would be easier if he wasn’t so freaking good looking. In five years the man had actually grown more handsome, and he still filled out his expensive suits nicely. He must workout every day. The memories of their hot encounter right inside this office were still as fresh today as ever. “I’m not working for The Whole Truth any longer. I haven’t been for four years. I’m legit now. I’m with Underground Technology Update.”

He raised his brows. “Bullshit. You’re with UTU? Fuck that. Why would they hire you?”

“Because I’m a good reporter and I can get an exclusive story better than anyone with half my experience.”

He actually snorted. “Right. Because you lie to do so. Get out of my office.”

“I’m not lying.” She fished in her bag for her business card, nearly dropping the entire thing in the process. “Here.” She held it out in front of her, and wished her damn fingers would stop shaking. "You can call my editor and verify I’m working for them.”

She placed the card on his desk and took a step back, just in case he decided to pick up that glass paperweight. That would hurt.

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This is from EXCLUSIVE ACCESS, the fourth book in my series, The Weathermen, which releases soon!!You can find the first three books - AN APPETITE FOR BLACKMAIL, OBSESSION BY DESIGN, and THE PRICE OF SECRECY HERE, from Evernight Publishing.

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  1. I love this series and I have to read this one too! I felt his anger and her vulnerability. Really well done.

  2. Sounds like she's in for an uphill battle.

    1. Oh, just until he realizes how much he still wants her, too. :D

  3. Another awesome tease, Ravenna, well done!

  4. Oh wow, such an explosive scene. Makes me look forward to this book even more :-D

  5. Oh my. She done did something bad to get that reaction. Great tease, Ravenna. :)

  6. Oooh, this is going to be explosive, isn't it? Great tease, Ravenna!

  7. Very intriguing! I wonder if she'll get her story. Maybe more. ;)