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Mid-Week Tease - AN APPETITE FOR BLACKMAIL - The Weathermen 1

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Today I'm offering another snippet from my newest release, AN APPETITE FOR BLACKMAIL. This is book one of The Weathermen, and after Ace heard about Harper's one and only disastrous sexual experience to date, he helps her become comfortable with her own body…


He brushed a hand along her face, and his touch sent shivers down her spine. “I’m sorry. That was a cruel thing for me to say. I’m not trying to make you feel worse right now, merely pointing out the obvious.”

His apology stunned her into silence.

“I’m also sorry you had such a horrible experience your first and only time.”

She swallowed hard. Why was he being so damn nice to her? It confused her. “Thank you.”

“I’d like to change that for you. I want this to be special. Everything you thought it was supposed to be. Will you help me do that?”

“You’re kidding.”

He shook his head. “No, not at all. It won’t be any fun for me if I know you’re not enjoying it, too. Tell me what you fantasized about when you imagined your first time.”

“I’m not sure I can do that.”

“Try. Please.”

She exhaled loudly. “Okay. Well, we’re both naked for one thing. And it’s not at a frat party, and I’m not drunk and neither is he.”

Ace grinned. “I’ll take off my clothes in a while. First I want to hear the rest of this.”

That brought a smile to her face. “I always pictured candles.”

He glanced toward the fake fireplace. “Will that do?”

“Yes, actually. That’s very nice.” She’d almost said “romantic” but then remembered him telling her in his office earlier that he didn’t do the happily ever after thing. “And music.”

He scooted off the bed, crossed the room, and opened the armoire. Then he fiddled with the buttons on an impressive looking entertainment system, and soft jazz filled the room. When he returned, she sat up. “What you did to my nipples before, that was the first time for me.”

“I’m honored.”

“And no one has ever put their mouth on my…” She pointed toward her pussy. “There, either.”

“Say the word, Harper.”


“And clit. No one has ever sucked your clit. Say it, please.”

She felt the heat rise to her face. “Why is that necessary?”

He planted a soft kiss on each nipple, and she gasped as tiny electric jolts shot straight to her groin. “Because you need to be comfortable with your own body. And that includes being able to call each part by its correct name.”

She was astonished by his behavior and the way he seemed to reach into her and find her secret fears. Was he a mind reader, or was she that transparent? And where had he been hiding this side of his personality for over a year? “All right. No one has sucked my clit or licked my pussy.”

Wow. That felt good to say!

His grin sent fresh desire racing through her body. “Much better. And I think we should take care of that horrible oversight right now before we do one more thing.”

She had no time to react. He pushed her onto her back and spread her legs. Kneeling between them, he bent his head and licked her wetness, from her clit to her asshole, over and over again.

She cried out and grasped fistfuls of the comforter on both sides, bucking her hips into his face. His tongue circled the opening to her pussy, gently probing. When he slid a finger inside, it burned for a second or two but then she only felt the most delicious sensations. He moved it in and out, slowly, and then he took her clit into his mouth and sucked it.

Harper shook her head back and forth as her climax built. This was almost unbelievable. How could anything feel this damn good? What would it be like when his dick was in there?

He stopped, and she groaned. “Please keep going. Please.”

“I will, but you need to let go, Harper. Just let it happen. I know you can do this. I want to make you come, but you’re holding it back. I can sense it.”

How? How is he doing this?

She nodded, unable to speak. When he returned to what he’d been doing, this time he slipped two fingers inside her, and his tongue on her clit was more urgent. She closed her eyes and pushed everything out of her mind except his scent, his touch, and that magical mouth.

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