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Mid-Week Tease - AN APPETITE FOR BLACKMAIL - The Weathermen 1

Welcome to Mid Week Tease hosted by Sandra Bunino.

Authors: this is a great opportunity to spotlight a few lines or even a paragraph or two from a new release or backlisted title. Readers: you get to sample some delicious snippets! We’ll do our best to tease, titillate and tantalize you into the weekend.

Today I'm offering a snippet from my newest release, AN APPETITE FOR BLACKMAIL. This is book one of The Weathermen, and Ace is about to take what Harper owes him as part of her debt for hacking into his personal accounts…


When he released the kiss, she gazed at him with awe and desire, and he nearly came in his pants. The passion in those beautiful blue eyes took his breath away. He had no idea of her experience level, but based on her age alone and the fact she hadn’t mentioned any specific past boyfriends, he guessed it wasn’t much. He couldn’t wait to show her how incredible and exciting sex could be.

He stepped back, eyeing her slowly, from her pretty face to her shoes, and back up again. “Take off your shoes, Harper.” She did, and then stood there holding them. He took them from her and tossed them onto the armchair next to the bed. “Now the dress. Slowly. Tease me.”

Her mouth opened but no sound came out, and uncertainty filled her eyes. Had she lied about being a virgin? Probably not. But she likely had never been asked to do something like this before. He didn’t want her to feel insecure. He wanted her to enjoy this.

“Just let go,” he said. “Forget everything you’ve heard or read, and just go with your gut. I want you to reveal your ripe body to me, inch by inch. Make me crazy with the need to see it. Torture me with anticipation, Harper.”

Her gaze went all soft, and he caught the soft gasp as she exhaled. It still astonished him that this beauty had no idea how seductive she was. She reached around and unzipped the dress, then held his gaze as she eased the straps down her shoulders, one at a time. It was killing him to watch the combination of lust and trepidation in her eyes. He had to pin his arms to his side to keep from ripping the damn thing off her. His dick was rock hard, and the room was suddenly much too warm.

She finally slid the straps off her arms, and then let the top of the dress fall to her waist. Oh my. A black lace bra that barely contained her full breasts. He exhaled loudly, shifting his weight for a steadier stance. He was going to explode any second now. “You’re stunning. Keep going.” His voice sounded like gravel, but how could he help that?

Her eyes widened slightly in surprise. Hadn’t any of the boys she’d fucked told her that? Who the hell had she been sleeping with for six years? The nagging thought she might have lied to him surfaced again, but he pushed it aside when she let the rest of the dress fall to the floor. Her panties matched the bra, but then she crossed her arms over her abdomen and he frowned.

“Don’t do that. Please. Step out of the dress.” She did, and he took it and tossed it onto the chair with her shoes. “Now the bra.”

“I’ve never done this before. I mean undress like this for someone.” Her voice was all dark and breathy the way it had been earlier in his office when he’d kissed her, and Ace bit back a moan.

“You’re doing great, Harper. Honestly. Keep going.”

A smile played at the corners of her mouth, and gratitude filled her face. He wasn’t used to having to build up a woman’s ego, but that was because he’d never seduced anyone like Harper before. That look in her eyes made him feel ten feet tall, but he’d never admit it.

She reached around to unhook the bra, and then let the straps fall, but held onto the cups. When she bit her lip, he nearly lost it. “Please let it fall,” he said softly. It was all he could do to hold in his lust right now.

As she did so, she closed her eyes. Holy shit. “You’re fucking beautiful, Harper. Look at me.”

She opened her eyes, and his heart gave a strange lurch at the depth of emotion in them. He suddenly understood how vitally important it was to her that he approve of the way she looked. The hell with this. He’d finish himself. She’d come this far, and that was enough for him. This beautiful girl needed reassurance or they might not get any further tonight. Ace wouldn’t be able to handle that.

Ace crossed the room and brushed his hands over her breasts. She moaned loudly, and he could barely hang on now. He slid her panties down, then had to help her step out of them. She looked ready to come herself, and he couldn’t take anymore. He had to have her. Now.

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