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It's time to meet the Weathermen… 

***Click HERE to purchase book one - AN APPETITE FOR BLACKMAIL - directly from Evernight Publishing***

Ace (Arturo Charles Easton) and Harper
The hero and heroine from AN APPETITE FOR BLACKMAIL burn up the bedsheets because of a drunken mistake Harper made. Ace gives her two choices: his bed or jail. Looks like she chose wisely...

***Click HERE to purchase book two - OBSESSION BY DESIGN - directly from Evernight Publishing***

Emmett Radcliffe
The hero and heroine from OBSESSION BY DESIGN get together when Emmett hires Liane to build a secret database. Liane isn't too sure about Emmett at first, but Emmett has his sights set on Liane, and he always gets what he wants…

***Click HERE to purchase book three - THE PRICE OF SECRECY - directly from Evernight Publishing***

Dominic Greco
Dominic has a dark secret. When he hires Angela for newly-formed IT team, he soon realizes she holds a secret as well. What neither one knows is that their secrets are intertwined, and if either one reveals theirs, they could both end up dead.

***Click HERE to purchase book four - EXCLUSIVE ACCESS - directly from Evernight Publishing***

Kane Bannerman
Kane wears his glasses well, don't you think? Julianne thinks so, too, and she's back in his office for an exclusive story…

***Click HERE to purchase book five - A SLOW-BURNING DANCE - directly from Evernight Publishing***

Damien Rivera
Sela thinks of Damien as just another player, not to mention he's her brother's boss. But when she accepts an invitation to a concert with him, passion ignites.

***Click HERE to purchase book six - TAKING PASSION BY STORM - directly from Evernight Publishing***

Addison Carlyle
Addison has known Nadine all her life. When her father, a Storm Trooper, goes missing, he consents to let Nadine join him and his team on the surface to find him. But he didn't count on falling for her as part of the rescue mission…

***Click HERE to purchase book seven - A COVERT CONQUEST - directly from Evernight Publishing***

Barclay Hampton
Barclay convinces Rissa to help him recover the data on a laptop that might contain the name of the hackers, but the two don't count on falling in love.

**Click HERE to purchase book eight - SURRENDERING TO CHANCE - directly from Evernight Publishing***

Grayson Jensen
Grayson and Valerie travel to Central where secrets are revealed that lead to more of the hackers being uncovered. But will Valerie have her heart broken by Grayson again?

**Click HERE to purchase book nine - SYSTEMATIC SEDUCTION - directly from Evernight Publishing***

Oliver Fairchild
Oliver has lusted after Blair for two years. When he helps her through a full-blown panic attack, she finally agrees to go out with him. Helping Blair overcome her horrific past unleashes her passion. But are her secrets too much for Oliver to handle?

**Click HERE to purchase book ten - HARDWIRE FOR ECSTASY - directly from Evernight Publishing***

Atticus Yates
When Emma left Central to come and work for Atticus in another city, she fled secrets that, once revealed, threaten everything the Weathermen have worked toward since the world imploded seven years ago.

**Click HERE to purchase book eleven - RUTHLESS TEMPTATION - directly from Evernight Publishing***

Viggo Ingram
Viggo travels to Central with the other Weathermen, where they must find the key to stopping The Madeline Program. Along the way, Viggo does his best to resist falling in love with Madison...

**Click HERE to purchase book twelve - THE HARDER THEY FALL - directly from Evernight Publishing**

Blaine Parker
Blaine is the bad boy of the bunch. The one voted most likely to never settle down. Until he meets Colleen Newton...

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