Monday, March 16, 2015

New Cover Love!! MARIANNE'S ABDUCTION - Voyeur Moon 3


Voyeur Moon 3

**Coming Soon from Evernight Publishing**

Marianne Kowalski is simply trying to survive what’s left of Earth after two years of invasions by the Tyranns. One night she takes a walk and spots an alien spaceship. When two men emerge, she hands them the letter she received, explaining how to join her aunt and uncle who went voluntarily to work on the planet Sera a year ago. Marianne has nothing left on Earth, and only wants to rejoin the two people who raised her.

But when she wakes up, she’s on Addo with Vaughn and River, two alien men who inform her that her aunt and uncle have been taken prisoner by the Tyranns and are being held somewhere on Voyeur Moon. Marianne puts her IT skills to work helping the Addonians locate her aunt and uncle, but falling in love with Vaughn and River isn’t something she counted on.

**Thank you to the fabulous Jay Aheer for another amazing cover!!**

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