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#Sexy Snippets: Her Ass Was Naked...


Enjoy a sexy snippet from DOMINATED BY TWO LEOPARDS - The Alpha Legend 3.

This is the last book in the series.

In this scene, jaguar shifter Nadine Richardson is ready for whatever Doms and leopard shifters Austin and Galatyn Meliadus are ready to give her...

Her ass was naked. And they could probably see her soaking wet pussy, too, because she was bent over pretty far. Nadine’s heart hammered in her ears. She realized the sounds inside the dungeon had faded away and all she heard was the pounding of the blood in her veins, and their breathing behind her. When one of them caressed her bare ass, she jumped a bit and then groaned. She tried to move but was locked down tightly. She was so vulnerable, and that realization aroused her even further.

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Guest Blogger: Kacey Hammell with GUARDING HIS ANCHOR

#NewRelease! #CanadianMuscle Book 2 ~ Guarding His Anchor #Suspense #ERom @KaceyHammell @EvernightPub

Canadian Muscle …
When Desires Need Protecting.


Thank you so much for sharing my latest release, Guarding His Anchor, with your readers! Frank and Charlie haven’t had an easy road, but their journey is romantic and adventurous.
Happy Reading.


Genre: Contemporary/Suspense/Erotic Romance
W.C.: 57,400
Warning: Includes biting (Odaxelagnia) during sex
ISBN: 978-1-77339-185-4
Release Date: February 21, 2017
Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Guarding His Anchor Blurb

Charlotte Weber is no stranger to heartbreak. FBI agent Frank Shaw has swept in and out of her life as though she’s a revolving door, stomping on her heart in the process. Now that she’s finally had enough, he’s back again and seems determined to spin her life out of control.

Frank knows Charlie is the anchor for his lost soul, even though he can’t risk settling down. The demons of his past are too great, and he won’t run the risk of hurting her. This time, his only objective should be locating Charlie’s brother, Sean. But Charlie’s a complication, and not just because she refuses to believe Sean is guilty.

As Frank and Charlie fight for what they believe in, they also try to resist their powerful connection. The future is unclear, but when danger surrounds them, they are each other’s only anchor.


Grab Guarding Midnight for 99 cents HERE

Guarding His Anchor Excerpt

Frank watched Charlie intently.


That name was for a young girl, not for a woman like her.

To him, she was all Charlotte. Confident, virile, elegant, intoxicating. A vixen who turned a man on with one sultry glance and then brought him to his knees with one heady taste of her. He hated calling her by such the tomboy-ish name everyone else called her.

Others didn’t see what he did. Which was a good thing, too; he didn’t want her sharing that part of herself with anyone else. Especially not with this Numbnuts Neal that Jonas had told him about last night. Another guy was sniffing around his lady, and he didn’t like it. Not one fucking little sliver.

“So.” Charlotte interrupted his thoughts. He’d deal with Numbnuts later. “Tell me”—she shoved the file aside—“in your own words, everything my brother has allegedly done. And sugarcoat nothing on my behalf. I’ll read the report later.”

There was the woman he cared for. The brook-no-argument heat in her eyes. Her deep, sea-blue gaze sliced deep and offered no mercy.

“Your brother actually went undercover five years ago. You knew he was changing jobs and would be out of the country for a long time. You told me that yourself, remember?” Charlotte nodded but said nothing. “Through my contacts and the agent in charge of the case, it’s been almost eighteen months since his handler’s spoken to him.”

Her eyes widened and she shifted, but remained silent.

“I tracked him down in the most desolate area of Tel Aviv and to a branch in a drug cartel he’d started investigating years ago. The minute details are in the file, but to make a long story short, I got too close. Breached a compound to look for evidence of your brother being there and anything else I could use in the case.” He ran a hand down his face, the skin itchy from not having shaved in days.

“Only sparse personnel were to be on the grounds, less eyes watching, but the Intel I got had been wrong. Before I knew what was happening, I was getting shot at from every direction.”

“So Sean might not be the one who shot you.” Her eyes were eager, hopeful. Of course she’d latch on to the fact multiple bullets were aimed at him.

He shook his head, wishing he could answer her pleas. “I managed through the worst of it and found my way to an empty garage where I ran into your brother. And before you ask, yes, I am certain it was him. He appeared confused at first, then said, ‘Charlie’s Frank?’ So he knew who I was. Then voices and more gunfire rang out and coming toward us. Before I could react to anything, he suddenly raised his gun and shot me.” Frank rubbed his wound, still surprised he’d survived. The doctors had said a couple inches left or right, depending on travel of the bullet and bone fragment concerns, and surgery wouldn’t have been an option either.

“How’d you get out of there?” He hoped the concern in her eyes was true and for him, not just her brother.

“One of the other agents with me pulled up in a jeep. I ran out as fast as possible, and he hauled our asses out of there.”

Charlotte scoffed. “Okay Rambo-slash-John McClane, you still watch too many action films. Unless I hear it from Sean, I won’t believe he’d shoot you for no reason.”

She’d always been pigheaded, but Frank couldn’t believe she’d question it. “What reason would I have to lie to you? Hell, Charlo—ie, I latched on to the case to prove his innocence.”

“Why? Why did you want to get involved? You left Vikki and high-tailed it on the first plane out with barely any notice. You didn’t tell me much before you left. And you were on your way to partnering up with Gavin and Marc with the security stuff. But you dropped everything and left. Why was Sean’s case that important to you?”

“For you!” he bellowed, confused why she didn’t see that. “He is your brother, Gavin’s best friend, and I’d have access to the whole case to help him.”

“Don’t pretend that you were doing me any favors. I never asked you to get involved, Frank.”

“Well, of course not,” he growled low. “You’d never have found out any of it if I had my way. I was hoping to get Sean out of trouble and bring him home to you. But you overheard Gavin and I talking before I left. And as far as leaving Vikki, she and I discussed it. She needed space and was only too eager to see me go. She didn’t need my hovering at that point and wanted to stand on her own, or try to. Gavin watched over her for me.” He smiled. “You all did, and I appreciate it very much.”

“We’ve become great friends.” He loved the way Charlotte’s eyes softened as she talked about his cousin. “It is an honest friendship. And it has nothing to do with you.”

Months had turned her hard, distant. He only had himself to blame. They hadn’t left things on a positive note, but he’d hoped she’d understand one day.

Hell, he’d foolishly hoped that she would come to appreciate having him on Sean’s case rather than a stranger. Their personal relationship aside, he assumed she’d trust the agent he was, and how long and hard he’d continued searching for Vikki. What other proof did she need to trust him?

How wrong he’d been.

“I don’t want to think about Sean doing this.” The worry on her face tore at his heart. “Was he undercover too long? Is that a reason people believe he’s capable of such violence?”

“There are many cops and agents that have gone so far undercover they get caught up in the lifestyle and it’s impossible to find their way back.” Sadness crept across her face. “Sorry, Charlie, that’s as honest as it gets.”

“None of this makes sense.” She stood and piled paperwork on the file cabinet. “It goes against who Sean is, and not who Norris raised. I can’t wrap my head around it. My brother isn’t a monster.”

Her voice broke, breaking his heart in the process. Frank stood and crossed the room, then rested his hands on her shoulders. “I’m sorry, hon. I know you’re scared, and I’m sorry you have to go through this.”

Charlotte turned, surprising him, and burrowed her face in his chest. Sobs tore from her, shaking her strong yet delicate frame. He wrapped her in his arms, resting his cheek on her head, and let her cry.

It had been so long—too long—since he’d inhaled her sweet scent of fruity shampoo and the coconut butter body wash she used every day. He’d barely made it through any meal that served any of the combinations, the memories of her too fervent to let him eat in peace. Soft, warm, and the tranquility that came to him whenever he held her close were all potently his Charlotte.

Home. Being this close to her again was like coming home. But he wasn’t a man looking for one place to settle down. And it puzzled him why he returned time and time again.

You know exactly why. You have an addiction, buddy. And she’s in your arms right now.

Yes, he supposed his conscience was trying to tell him something, but it was wrong. He kept returning here because of his friends, the security business. But Charlotte pulled him back in like a reel catching a fish every single time.

“No. Fuck no.” Her high-pitched squeal surprised him. He fell back on his feet, shocked at her strength to shove him so hard.


“Shut up. No. Damn it.” She glared at him, fists tight. “Get out. Don’t coddle me. Don’t console me. You won’t use me. Get. Out.”

“Use you? Coddle you?” He huffed. “You turned to me,” he yelled, frustration gnawing at him.

“Guess I’m an idiot, but I won’t fall for it. I won’t let you close enough to betray my brother. If I even hear from him again.” Her chest heaved and sweat dotted her forehead and cheeks. Frank had never seen her so out of control, seething and yet so stunning. How ferocious she was in battle.


Frank’s head whipped around to the intruding voice in the doorway.

“Charlie, are you all right?”

“We’re having a private conversation. Get lost, buddy.”

“Shut up, Frank. Come on in, Neal. He and I are finished.”

So this was Numbnuts Neal. Dark hair, squinty eyes, tanned skin. Dressed to the nines in a suit and tie, with a cute little handkerchief in his breast pocket, and a pair of round glasses in his right hand. Jesus, what a nerd. Frank wanted to pick him up and chuck him back out into the hallway.

“I, um, just came to see if you wanted to catch up. Maybe dinner?” Numbnuts eyed Frank with caution. Good. Frank wanted the guy scared shitless of him.

But the little prick stepped forward and extended his hand to shake.

Frank eyed the small limb with the urge to break it but wanting to be an adult.

“Oh, for cripes sake,” Charlotte groused. “Neal Simmons, Frank Shaw. And vice versa. Whatever.” She pushed a pile of folders into a shoulder bag then her phone and grabbed another smaller bag she slid under her arm. “I’ll call you later, Neal. I need a time out.”

“Hey, wait a second,” Frank called out, following her into the hall.

“No, I’m done here. I can’t do this right now.” She turned and rushed away.

Frank watched, jaw clenched. Anger and frustration filled him as Charlotte and Numbnuts disappeared. He strode back into her office for his cell phone he’d set on her desk earlier. Frank eyed the landline phone sitting there.

After extracting a small case from the front pocket of his pants, he opened it and pulled out the tiny device and lifted the dial-phone. He placed the electronic bug underneath it and set it back down.
If Sean contacted his sister, this would be one number he might call. As much as Frank disliked going behind her back like this, he had a job to do. No matter how much he cared about her, he’d do whatever it took to bring bad guys in. He wasn’t bred any other way.

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Tantalizing Thursdays: PROTECTED BY TWO JAGUARS -The Alpha Legend 2


Today, I give you a sexy excerpt from The Alpha Legend 2 - PROTECTED BY TWO JAGUARS

Stephen held up the silk. “We’re going to blindfold you, Valerie. You won’t be alone, and we’ll tell you what’s going on. But some subs find this helps them relax more into the moment.”

“All right. Thank you, Sir.”

She couldn’t see a thing through the blindfold, including what little light was inside the dungeon, but she didn’t mind that as much as she’d thought she would. She took a deep breath and caught the scent of their combined colognes, the smell of the snow on their boots, and the odors of vanilla and leather in the room. She hadn’t noticed any of those before. The music filled her head and made her a bit woozy. This had been a great idea. Stephen and Micah had obviously done this before.

“Better already,” said Micah. “Her aura is entirely different now.”

“I had a feeling it would work.” Stephen brushed a finger along her left breast, and Valerie groaned. “You will have three safewords from now on, Valerie. ‘Green’ for go, just like on a traffic light. It means you like what we’re doing and you want us to keep going or up the intensity. You will use ‘yellow’ for anything that makes you afraid, or if you need something adjusted like a limb. Also use that one if you need water or a bathroom break. ‘Red’ stops the scene immediately, no questions asked. Do you understand these words and their uses?”

Even his voice quality had changed, or perhaps she hadn’t heard the subtle tones before he’d blindfolded her? It almost lulled her to sleep. Valerie felt completely safe and secure. She was totally under his and Micah’s protection now. “Yes, Sir. I understand.” Her voice sounded breathy and far away, as though she was in a tunnel or underwater.

“Good girl.” He took her hand. “Take small steps. We won’t let you fall.” She had no idea where in the dungeon they were. It wasn’t that big, but she also hadn’t studied the layout the few times she’d been here before, so she had no points of orientation as they walked. “I’m sitting, Valerie, and Micah is going to help you drape yourself over my knee.”

She sighed out loud as the image of that floated up. Her breathing grew rapid and her pulse began to race. This was really happening. She was positioned over Stephen’s right thigh, and she could feel his muscles tense through the fabric of his pants. Hands caressed her ass cheeks, teasing, and she began to moan and squirm against him because the lust was overwhelming. One of them clasped her wrists and gently brought her arms behind her back. She felt leather cuffs wrap around each wrist and heard them clip together.

“What color are you, Valerie?” asked Micah, his voice soft yet full of command.

“Green, Sir.”

“Good girl. We’re so proud of you. Remember your safewords. Are you ready for your spanking?”

Oh stars… “Yes, Sir. I’m ready.” Was she? Too late now. This was it.

Four hard smacks were delivered to each ass cheek in quick succession, and Valerie cried out in surprise. It really fucking hurt, but the stinging also sent shock waves of desire straight to her soaked pussy and throbbing clit. Hands caressed her again, and she could actually hear them each breathing, harder now than before. Even their touch was different, but she wasn’t sure whose hand was where, and that made it more exciting.

Her arousal spiraled to crazy heights as the man she assumed was Stephen delivered six blows to each ass cheek this time. Valerie moaned and writhed against his leg, but her mobility was limited because of the cuffs around her wrists. Her ass cheeks were on fire already, but at the same time, she didn’t want him to stop.

When hands caressed her again, this time they also brushed across her asshole and her wet slit. She whimpered with the need to come, but she had a sneaking suspicion it would be a long time before they let her do that.

“What do you think?” asked Stephen. “Has she had enough from me for her first time?”

“I don’t know. Maybe a round or two with this, and then I’ll take my turn.”

“Oh stars,” she whispered. How could she take more, and then the same from Micah, and still walk later?

“Excuse me?” Micah’s voice was hard, and it sent shivers down her spine. “Was that a safeword, Valerie?”

“No, Sir.”

“All right. Just checking.”

The next sensation felt like a leather strap or perhaps a soft paddle. Whatever it was, it stung like fucking crazy. He struck her ten times in a row with it, and Valerie wasn’t sure she could hold on. But when he finished, her nipples tingled and she knew all she’d have to do was flex her Kegel muscles and she’d come. She’d never been so damn turned on in her life, and she craved more.

“I am so proud of you.” Stephen’s voice was filled with awe, and as he slipped two fingers into her wet pussy, tiny contractions coursed through her body. There was no way to stop them.

“Sir…I’m sorry. I couldn't stop it.”

Stephen chuckled, and pulled his fingers out. He reached under and brushed them over her clit as the orgasm continued to tease her, not quite there, but definitely noticeable. “It’s all right. I love that your first real spanking made you that aroused. But it’s not over yet, Valerie. You know that, right?”

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered.

You can purchase PROTECTED BY TWO JAGUARS and The Alpha Legend series from Siren-BookStrand by clicking HERE.

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MidWeek Tease: "Now, do what I told you to do."

Welcome to MidWeek Tease hosted by Angelica Dawson!

Today, enjoy a tease from The Alpha Legend 1 - CAPTURED BY TWO ALPHAS. This is a spin-off series of Passion Peak, Colorado, published with Siren-BookStrand, and contains 3 books total.

You can purchase The Alpha Legend series from Siren-BookStrand by clicking HERE.

In this snippet, leopard shifter Saffron Estampado is in the middle of a sexy BDSM scene with cougar shifters Landon Sterling and Nevada Ruiz...

Nevada uncuffed her and glanced around. He pulled a large, thick afghan off the back of the sofa and spread it out on the floor in front of the fire, but not too close. “Lie on your back, Saffron, and grasp your ankles.” Then he addressed Landon. “I believe there’s another set of cuffs you brought down. We’ll need them, and you may as well bring the oil and the condoms over here.”

“It’s party time,” said Landon, strolling over to where he’d left the rest of the toys.

Saffron giggled as she lay on her back with her hands behind her head. When Nevada saw her, he gave her a look of incredulity. “Didn’t I tell you to grasp your ankles?”

“Oops. I guess you did.” She reached for them, intending to carry out his orders, but he brought her legs together and grasped both ankles in one strong hand, while he delivered five stinging blows to each ass cheek with an open palm.

Saffron cried out more from surprise than pain. Her pussy was soaked, and surely he could see that. The fact that he’d know how much this excited her increased her arousal all over again.

He let go of her legs and gave her a stern look, but his eyes gave him away. He was enjoying this and wasn’t even close to being angry with her for real. “Now, do what I told you to do.”

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Guest Blogger: E.D. Parr with FALLING STAR VALENTINE

Falling Star Valentine new RoTG #MMromance #SciFi from
Evernight Publishing and E.D.Parr

Fashion photographer Dale Walker takes a train to his hometown, relocating there after nursing a broken heart for six months in another city. His train makes an unscheduled stop to take on a mysterious passenger.

For a long time, Valentine Steel has hoped to meet a man who will love him. When he sees Dale on the train, he’s overjoyed to find a vacant seat beside Dale.

Dale’s immediate attraction to Valentine has him on edge. He doesn’t want another broken heart, and yet Valentine is so magnetic Dale’s frozen heart begins to thaw.

Valentine sets out to charm and capture Dale in his sparkling aura. He can’t let the chance to have Dale’s love slip away. This could be his last chance to stay on Earth the planet he loves.

Read an excerpt

A soft sound of regret that he’d given his heart away so easily escaped Dale and then the sudden slowing of the train grabbed his attention. Thrown a little forward by the rapid decrease in speed, Dale huddled back in his seat. No one sat beside him and the magazine he’d placed on the adjacent seat flew off forcefully as the train ground to a halt.

People stood and gaped out of the windows. Dale peered out at the white expanse sparkling in the morning sun, unaware until then that the train had even traveled into snow-covered country. The hum of concerned questions filled the carriage as people looked around and talked in hushed voices. There’d been no collision, no terrible sound of an accident and Dale, in the fog of his misery, waited quietly for some indication of what was going on.

An announcement floated from the practically invisible speaker at the front of the carriage. A pretty sound chimed and a soothing voice stated the obvious before giving information.

“Translines Rail has made an unscheduled stop. We apologize for the inconvenience. There is no need for alarm. We will shortly be mobile again when a passenger has boarded. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your journey.”

Dale bent to pick up the magazine that had fallen to the floor of the carriage. He hadn’t even placed a fingertip on the glossy cover when a hand extending from the cuff of a black jacket sleeve took hold of the magazine, and lifted it.

Dale swiftly looked sideways to see who the hand belonged to, and came face-to-face with a gorgeous man. Something about the man made Dale’s heart lurch, which scared him, and because of the scare his heartbeat increased. He closed his eyes for a few seconds, trying to calm this sudden flare of nerves. He gave up on retrieving his reading material and sat up in the plush velveteen train seat waiting for what would happen next.

“Your journal. Is the seat free?” The man’s gentle voice soothed him only a little as he held Dale’s magazine out, and gave an indicative nod toward the vacant seat beside Dale.

“Thank you, and yes the seat is free.” Captured by his outright beauty, Dale tried not to stare at the man. He dropped his gaze to the colorful shot on the cover, and accepted the magazine, holding it on his lap.

The man sat.

Dale struggled not to look at the passenger beside him, whose cologne now filled up his senses with a delicate, fresh, scent, a fragrance capturing the cool breeze crossing the ocean on a summer night, somehow full of promise. The suit the man wore was visibly expensive. Dale knew quality when he saw it even if it was only on a quick look. As a photographer for major fashion magazines, he’d gathered a knowledge and appreciation for clothes.

Dale stared ahead and wondered if this man was the passenger the train had stopped for. He edged a little away from the central armrest dividing the seats—their size was generous and the man wasn’t even close, but Dale could feel his presence as if gripped by a magnetic force. Finally, unable to help it, Dale chanced a sideways glance.

MM romance, gay male erotic romance, contains MM sex

Buy the book

From the author

The story ‘Falling Star Valentine’ was inspired by shooting stars. We all know shooting stars are falling meteorites, but the romance remains when one streaks across the midnight blue sky, and when two, in close succession, zoom over the night vista as you stand on your hotel balcony, it’s a sight to behold. I travel a little with my day job and in the autumn of 2016, I had to travel a lot more than usual. One night when I couldn’t sleep because I was churning worries around, I went out onto the balcony of the hotel room I was staying in and stared up at the sky. The night sparkled cold and the sky displayed an array of stars suddenly seeming only meters away a shooting star flew across my line of vision, then another as if it followed the first.

I’m a die-hard romantic and immediately my sweet but sexy character, Valentine Steel, had formed in my head. He’s Falling Star Valentine on his way to visit earth. Will he find love?

Find E.D.Parr

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#SexySnippets: "I've Never Felt This Free."


Enjoy a sexy snippet from CONVINCING ROWENA - Passion Peak, Colorado 6.

This is the last book in the series, and is the only MF book in that series. Passion Peak's favorite couple, Van and Rowena Whitney, are close friends with many kinksters in town, but have never dabbled themselves.

In this scene, Van has given Rowena a flogger for Christmas, and she's finally ready to explore the BDSM lifestyle with her husband.

"Pretend I’m your sub today, and command me. If you want to make me wait to come, then make me wait. It’ll be that much sweeter when I do.”

He brushed a finger along her face, his eyes full of incredulity. “Where did all this come from?”

“I don’t know. I only know that I’ve never felt this free.”

You can purchase CONVINCING ROWENA and the entire Passion Peak, Coloradoseries by clicking HERE.

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Ravenna's Top Five Favorite Songs Of All Time

After posting on Facebook the other morning about playing air guitar, air drums, and singing along with Hotel California on the way to work, I finally had an idea for this week's SATURDAYS IN INDY post.

This was a tough one!! I literally went through my entire iTunes library, which of course sparked some purchases of songs I love but for some off reason never added to the collection.

So here they are, in no particular order. My TOP FIVE FAVORITE SONGS OF ALL TIME...

Kashmir - Led Zeppelin

From the band's Physical Graffiti album, released as in 1975. I was in high school. If you didn't listen to teeny bob/bubble gum music, but instead listened to bands like Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and Blue Oyster Cult, you were one of the mysterious cool kids.

What I adore about this song is pretty much all of it. The lyrics are intriguing. Musically, the song has Middle Eastern influences, plus some seriously genius mixing of meters. The overall time signature combines duple and triple meter. But the drums and vocal melody are in bars of 4/4 and 2/4, while the guitar riff is played in cycles of 3/8.

Okay, music geeks. Explain to the rest of them what effect this produces on our ears.

Hotel California - The Eagles

From the band's Hotel California album, released in 1976. The album and song won a couple of Grammy Awards. It's easily one of the most recognizable songs from the opening notes, among those of us old enough to appreciate an era when bands wrote their own music, played their own instruments, and didn't need auto-tune to sing.

Pure genius in both lyrics and kick-ass guitar riffs. I was fortunate enough to see The Eagles in concert in 1977, at the now-defunct Richfield Coliseum. They played this song twice. Once as the opening tune, and again as one of the encores. It was epic.

Someone To Watch Over Me - Ella Fitzgerald

And you thought I was only going to include rock-n-roll on this list, didn't you? I adore these old songs!! This one has been recorded by too many people to list. It's from the musical Oh, Kay!, and of course was written by George and Ira Gershwin in 1926.

Here's Frank Sinatra's recording from 1945...

And the great Barbra Streisand singing the hell out of it in 1965...

Time Passages - Al Stewart

From the album of the same name, released in 1978.

Al Stewart is better known for his prior record, Year Of The Cat, which I also like, but this one holds a special place in my heart. What's the reason? I'll never tell...

To Love Somebody - The Bee Gees

Originally recorded for the band's debut album - Bee Gees 1st in 1967, it has also been recorded by Janis Joplin in 1969, Michael Bolton in 1992, and a host of others.

It's simply a beautiful love song, with those strings I adore so much in the background, and romantic lyrics.

Thanks for letting me share my list! What are YOUR top five favorite songs of all time? Leave a comment and tell me, for a chance to win a copy of my upcoming release RELENTLESS - Tortured Love 3!!!

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