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Entire First Chapter of MASTEMA'S OBSESSION - Demons On Wheels MC 3

Chapter One

Was she really ready for this to happen? Kayla Romanowski looked up into Mastema’s face. That was seriously the best kiss she’d ever had. She’d just told him how brave he’d been earlier. He told her he’d have to stick closer to her to protect her, and she’d agreed. Then he’d kissed her. A mind-blowing, heart-stopping kiss that left her breathless and wanting more.

“So,” he said, brushing a hand down her arm, “were you serious about letting me stick closer to you?”

He was so damn sexy. Definitely the hottest guy here. Prematurely gray hair and the bluest eyes she’d ever seen. Neatly trimmed beard—quite unusual for this crowd. And some seriously impressive ink, like everywhere. And muscles. Let’s not forget the muscles, although all the Demons on Wheels MC Brothers had ink and muscles.

“Yeah. I was.”

There was something about him that called to her. He’d taken the road name of Mastema, and he was their Secretary. One of the other dancers had told her his real name last night last week. Dan Treadstone. A run-of-the-mill name that sounded fake to her, but apparently wasn’t.

Even so, she preferred the demon name he’d taken. It gave him a dangerous edge. They all had demon road names, which was pretty cool. At first it had been a bit creepy, until she’d realized there was no dark magic or devil worshipping going on here.

“Let’s go up to my room and talk about it.” He brushed his lips against her neck, sending shivers down her spine and a gush of wetness to her pussy.

But was she ready to fuck him? She was a dancer, and while it wasn’t expected she give the members sex like the sweetbutts did, it was also no secret that the other dancers did. She’d been here two weeks, and had spent all her time and energy concentrating on dancing. This was no dive club, like others she’d danced in. This place was top notch, and the dancers were a cut above the rest.

“Kayla … stop teasing me.” He brushed his arm back up her arm. “Just say ‘yes’.”

Of all the men here, he was the one she’d fantasized about fucking, but she hadn’t teased him. She’d been careful not to lead any of them on. She hadn’t wanted to be accused of being someone she was not.

“I’m not trying to tease you.”

“Then what are you trying to do?” Slowly, he moved his hand across her collar bone, then down the other arm. “Because you have me all hot and bothered here. I’ve been wanting to fuck you since you got here. How much longer are you gonna make me wait?”

She didn’t want to wait. This guy was irresistible. She’d caught him watching her while she danced. They all watched, but he did it more often than any of the others.

“I’ve had some … bad experiences at other clubs.” That was an understatement. “Don’t want to make a mistake.”

His expression grew concerned. “I’d never hurt you. None of us would do that. It’s not like that here.”

“I believe you.” That was already quite obvious. It was very different here than at other clubs she’d worked in. For one thing, the women who lived here, whether they were dancers like her or not, did all the domestic chores. Kayla had already been assigned to the laundry crew because she couldn’t cook worth a damn.

It wasn’t that she’d never done laundry, but she’d been surprised by the extra duties expected of the dancers. The building was huge, and she liked the idea of not having outsiders in here to cook, clean, and do laundry. But she had assumed there was an actual staff who did that, not that the people already working here for pay would take on those tasks.

Rahab, their Vice President and the man who had hired her, explained that they preferred to stay self-contained. They didn’t want outsiders having access to their private space day and night. Even though she had to do laundry in addition to dancing, the pay and her tips were great.

Her debut last weekend on the amazing stage in Scotty’s Place, the name of the strip club inside this building that the MC owned and operated, had been a huge rush. She already was busy making up new routines because the crowds that frequented this club were unlike any she’d entertained before. They demanded more than the usual bump and grind.

“So what are we waiting for?”

When he nuzzled her neck again, she moaned softly. Good question. Why the hell was she waiting? He wanted her, and she wanted him. This wasn’t anything like the experiences in other clubs.

“I don’t know, to be honest.” Not entirely true.

“Good. Then let’s go upstairs to my room.” Mastema’s hand moved up to her left breast. He didn’t squeeze it or try to grab it. He merely rested it there, but the effect was intoxicating.

Last weekend hadn’t been the first time she’d danced in public, but she’d never done so in such a nice place, or made that much money in tips. And, she’d never worked with people who truly did support and protect one another, not merely pay lip service to doing so.

This man had recently put his life on the line, literally, to save one of the other dancers. Legs, whose real name was Chloe, had had an unwelcome visit from her coked-up ex-boyfriend earlier. He’d broken into this fortress during a tornado warning and tried to kidnap Legs. Who the fuck does that?

Chloe was Gorgon’s old lady, and Gorgon was the MC’s President, a very intimidating man who adored Chloe and was dedicated to this strip club and to the MC. The man had completely ignored Kayla from day one, other than to grunt a “hello and welcome” the first time he spotted her.

Mastema, on the other hand, had acted like a lovesick puppy from the second she’d walked in the door, watching her during rehearsals with his tongue practically hanging out, following her around the building, and making lame small talk like a boy in middle school who has never before spoken to a girl.

At first, Kayla had found it a bit frightening. All the clubs she’d danced in before had plenty of men who wanted to fuck her, and Kayla usually had to fight them off when she wasn’t interested. Steering clear of them was her comfort zone, since she had yet to meet any type of club member who wasn’t an asshole. Until she’d come here to work. Until she’d watched this man wrestle a gun out of someone’s hand.

Chloe’s crazy ex-boyfriend had not only broken into the club during the storm, he’d brandished a weapon while trying to drag Chloe out of the building, right there, in front of pretty much everyone who lived here. It was the most fucked-up thing Kayla had ever seen.

And, Mastema tackling the dude from behind and pulling the gun out of his grip was the bravest.
Lovesick puppy my ass. He was as alpha as the rest of them. He simply showed it in other ways. And although she’d kept her distance from him at first, it was time to put an end to that. It was time to give him a chance.

“All right. Let’s go up to your room.”

His eyes widened. “Really?”

Kayla resisted the urge to laugh. “Yes. Really.”

They bolted up the stairs so fast she was laughing by the time he pulled her into his room. It looked like the others she’d seen since arriving here less than two weeks ago. Nothing fancy. Bare bones decorating, but clean and fresh.

She glanced around, spotting the door to the bathroom. “I’ll be right back.”

“Don’t change your mind while you’re in there.”

“I won’t.” All the rooms on these upper floors had private bathrooms, including her own, which was on the top floor. She’d never seen a set-up like this. It was like living in a palace.

Compared to the dives she’d worked in since graduating from high school, Scotty’s Place was like one of those glittering hotels on the Vegas strip. And, compared to crashing on sofas of friends of friends, or renting rooms in homes where the other people who lived there got into too many fights for her taste, or the place was raided for one reason or another that she’d had nothing to do with, this like living in nirvana.

She would be very happy here, if she could simply relax and enjoy it. All she had to do was wash clothes once a day. None of the men would force her to fuck them, or pass her around like a piece of meat. No one in this club was a low-life asshole who assumed a dancer would fuck them simply because they existed.

After she took care of her needs, she went back into his bedroom. Mastema was on his bed, naked. Glory be. What a fucking sexy man. He truly did have muscles everywhere, and a nice, thick cock that was swollen and red.

“Not wasting any time, I see?”

“I’ve waited two fucking weeks for this. Get over here, Bedroom Eyes.”

“Bedroom Eyes?”

“Yes. That’s what I’m going to call you. Your eyes scream, ‘fuck me slow, deep, and hard’.”

“Do they now?” Kayla peeled off her tank top. Having a nickname like the other dancers and sweetbutts here meant she really belonged. It was a badge of honor.

“Yes, they do. Fuck. Look at those titties.” He pulled on his cock while she removed her shorts and panties. “Goddamn, woman. You’re fucking gorgeous.”

“You’re not so bad yourself.”

“Get over here. On the bed with me. Now.”

She could hardly breathe, she was so damn turned on. It had been so long since she’d had sex with someone who wasn’t a user or a total creep. If that crazy asshole hadn’t broken in here earlier, would they be here right now?

Did it matter? They were here now.

“It’s like I’m having a super sexy dream.”

“Oh yeah?” She crawled onto the bed and grasped her breasts, moving them just close enough to his face that he thought he was getting a taste, before pulling away. “Who’s in it?”

“You are, of course. Bring those here.”

“When I’m ready.” Kayla lowered her gaze to watch him pull on his erect dick, and licked her lips as it grew even larger. She reached between her legs and rubbed her clit, already slick with pussy juice.

“The fuck is this when I’m ready shit? I said bring those titties over here.”

Shivers ran down her spine at the tone in his voice, so indignant yet playful. She grasped her boobs again. “You want them, come and get them.”

“Bedroom Eyes, you’re gonna have to learn a few rules.”

Kayla moved back further on the bed. “Oh yeah? What rules?”
Mastema lunged for her, pinning her on her back with her arms overhead. She giggled as a rush of pure lust coursed through her body. “Like number one, when I tell you to bring your titties over here, you do it.” He brushed his hands lazily down her arms, a sexy grin on his face. “Number two, you don’t fucking tease me with them.”

“You don’t like to be teased with tits?”

“No. I like to fuck them. I like to fuck pussy, I like to fuck mouths, and I like to fuck girls in the ass.”

“Oh my.” Her pussy was soaking wet now, and her clit throbbed.

He grasped her breasts and squeezed them together. “The first time I saw your publicity shots, after Rahab hired you, I wanted to suck these.”

“And now you will.”

“You’re so fucking beautiful.” When he teased her nipples with his teeth, Kayla arched her hips, aching to have his dick inside. She hoped he knew how to use that nice, big cock.

“I want to fuck these first.” He turned around and opened the bottom drawer of the nightstand, removing a pair of black, fur-lined cuffs. Kayla bit her lip to keep from laughing.

“What do you intend to do with those?”

His gorgeous blue eyes shone with mischief as he fitted the silly handcuffs around her wrists. “Fuck your tits and your mouth while you can’t get away from me.”

Oh yes! “Do I need a safeword?”

“This isn’t a BDSM club.”


His expression turned worried. “Kayla, I meant what I said earlier. You can trust me. None of us would hurt a woman.”

She’d never experimented with bondage before, but knew there was a degree of serious trust needed. Old fears tried to creep in, and she struggled to push them away.

“Will you at least try?”

Oh, fuck me sideways. That voice was very persuasive.

“All right. But if I need you to take them off, you have to promise to do so.”
“Absolutely.” He nodded quickly like one of those bobble-head dolls. “I swear it.”
Kayla smiled. He was such a sexy man, and she hoped he didn’t still believe she was teasing him. This endearing quality of actually caring whether she had a good time in bed intrigued her. That was entirely new, and she liked it.

After he secured the cuffs around her wrists, he glanced toward the headboard and its intricate wooden design. With another sexy grin that sent fresh wetness to her already soaked pussy, he lifted her off the bed by scooping his hands under her hips, and positioned her seated, with her back against the headboard.

“How in the world did you move me like that? I’m not exactly a lightweight.”

“That better not be a slam on your body.”

“It’s not. Merely an observation.” At a size sixteen, she wasn’t exactly rail thin. No point in pretending she was. But then, none of the women here were. These men liked women with real curves and ripe, full bodies. Yep. This place really was nirvana.

He unclipped the cuffs, moved her arms behind her back, and fastened them together again, this time wrapped around one of the designs on the headboard. “There we go. Much better.”

“I’m your prisoner, Mastema. What will you do with me?”

“Anything I want to.” He pulled on his dick again, inches from her face. Kayla moaned softly and stuck out her tongue, but he merely laughed. “Now it’s your turn to have patience.”

“Tease.” She pouted, but his expression never changed. A combination of smart ass and unbridled lust. She was dizzy with need.

“Seriously, how did you move me like that?”

“You’re not heavy.” He grasped her breasts and pushed them together. “I love big tits and round hips. Who the hell wants to fuck a stick?”

“Oh, you’re a keeper.” The man was so fucking gorgeous, and there was something gentle and tender about him underneath the blunt talk and gruff exterior. He had a depth to him that most men didn’t.

Mastema leaned down and kissed her, cupping her face and shoving his tongue into her mouth. It was so damn sexy being kissed with her hands cuffed behind her back that she could hardly stand it. She wanted his cock inside her in the worst way.

When he released her mouth, he moved to her boobs, wetting them with his tongue until she was ready to scream in frustration. “God! That is so damn sexy! Please fuck me. Please.”

“Sucks being teased, doesn’t it?”


After he finally stopped licking every square inch of her breasts, he placed his dick between them and squeezed the mounds of flesh together. “Oh, yes,” he said. “Oh, fuck me. This is fucking incredible.”

Kayla grinned as he thrust between her squished boobs, an expression of pure bliss on his face. The tip of his dick hit her chin each time, and it was already slick with pre-cum.

“You should do this as part of your act,” he said.

She laughed. “And who would the guy be?”

“Only me. These titties are all mine.” He pulled his cock from between them and cupped her face again, kissing her hard and rough. Kayla moaned loudly into his open mouth. Her clit throbbed so hard now it actually hurt. She needed to fuck in the worst way, but he was in no hurry now that they were finally up here.

As he released the kiss, she thought he was going to fuck her mouth, but instead he spread her legs and dived for her pussy. “I’m going to suck your clit and your juicy pussy lips until you come so hard, you’ll be begging me to stop.”

Oh, yeah. This guy was a keeper for sure.

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MASTEMA'S OBSESSION - Demons On Wheels 3

Demons On Wheels MC 3

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Kayla Romanowski is having trouble adjusting to life as a dancer in Scotty’s Place, the posh strip club that the Demons on Wheels MC owns and operates. She hadn’t really expected to be assigned domestic duties, even though it was a clear expectation when she was hired As a result, her days involve resentment and dubious glances from the other women.

All that changes when she finally allows Mastema, the club’s Secretary, into her bed. Kayla is gun shy from her past experience at other clubs, but there’s something about Mastema she finds irresistible and trustworthy. He also helps her put everything in perspective, including her extra duties and their importance to the running of the club.

As she and Mastema grow closer, she opens up about her life, and discovers he’s harboring a secret of his own. Can they let go of their pasts and embrace their future together?


“You want me to tie you up, we’ll use something else.” Mastema released her, and Kayla’s heart pounded as excitement coursed through her. He glanced around, finally dropping his gaze to her breasts.

“This will do.” She gasped as he pulled off her tank top. She hadn’t bothered with a bra today. The sexy grin that spread over his face as he eyed her boobs sent a gush of wetness to her pussy.

What a rollercoaster ride of emotions this day had been! But she was exactly where she wanted to be right now. With Mastema, his muscles, those incredible blue eyes, and the cock inside his pants that was surely hard as a rock. She couldn’t wait to have it inside her once more.

He grasped her breasts and teased them with his teeth and tongue. “You want to be tied up again? You want me to fuck you while you can’t get away from me?”

Kayla moaned loudly as fresh arousal assaulted her senses at those words. “Yes!”

Gasping again as he picked her up, she tried to keep breathing when he carried her toward the pole in the corner.

“I hope you’re not making that sound because you’re about to tell me again you can’t believe I carried you someplace.” He placed her on her feet, facing the pole. “Bend over.”

She had gasped for that reason, but not because of her body image. “No. It’s because you’re very strong and I find that incredibly sexy.”

“I find your body incredibly sexy.” He tied her tank top around her wrists. “Keep your hands on the pole so you don’t slide, and bend over a bit more.”

Once she did as he asked, he pulled down her shorts and helped her step out of them. She moaned again as he molded his body against hers. Even though he was still dressed, it was so damn arousing. And, she could easily get the tank top off her wrists if need be, but she loved the idea of pretending she was his prisoner once more.

“Kayla…” He reached around and grasped her breasts, kneading them until she was ready to scream in frustration. “Maybe I should go and get more condoms and the lube after all?”

One hand moved to her clit, rubbing it slowly. Her pussy was so wet that her labia made noises as he massaged her. “On the other hand, I love teasing you this way.”

Except she was so ready to come it was insane. “Please!”

He moved to the side and slid his other hand around to her ass, pushing one finger into her asshole. While he finger-fucked her ass, he continued to caress her clit with his other hand. “Please what?”

“Oh, God! Please fuck me!”

“You’re so fucking wet already.”

“How can I help that?”

“I love it.” He removed his fingers and pulled down the zipper on his jeans, taking out his dick. “But we’re going to make this last, Bedroom Eyes. You will come when I’m ready to let you come.”

Mastema moved next to her face and turned it toward his cock. She licked her lips at the sight of it, red and swollen, with tiny beads of pre-cum already dotting the tip. “Open your mouth.”

Kayla didn’t even hesitate. He shoved his dick inside, holding her head still as he slid it in and out, so damn slowly it drove her wild with need. She curled her lips around her teeth and relaxed her throat muscles.

“Oh, yes! That’s fucking exquisite. You can’t get away from me. God, Kayla. You should see how fucking sexy you look right now. Bent over and tied to this pole. I’m going to ask Gorgon to put a second one next to it so I can tie you up between them, spread-eagled, and fuck you until you beg me to stop.”

That image sent tiny contractions to her clit, which throbbed now from the need for release. He fucked her mouth harder. The tip of his cock touched the back of her throat with each thrust. Kayla flexed her Kegel muscles and tried to make herself come as hot desire spread through her.

But before she could bring herself to orgasm, he withdrew from her mouth and kissed her, hard and rough. “I will never get enough of you.”

“Same here.” She could hardly breathe, let alone form a sentence. Mastema trailed his dick over her face, lightly slapping her skin with it, before moving to her breasts to do the same to her nipples.
He alternated that with grasping them, rolling her taut peaks between his thumbs and forefingers the way she loved. The effect sent tiny jolts of electricity straight to her clit, until she was poised right on the edge of a climax.

“I can’t stand it any longer. Please let me come!”

“No fucking way.” He grabbed her head and shoved his cock back inside her mouth. “I’m having too much fun teasing you.”

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New Cover Love!! MASTEMA'S OBSESSION - Demons On Wheels MC 3


Demons On Wheels MC 3

**Coming October 17th from Evernight Publishing**

Kayla Romanowski is having trouble adjusting to life as a dancer in Scotty’s Place, the posh strip club that the Demons on Wheels MC owns and operates. She hadn’t really expected to be assigned domestic duties, even though it was a clear expectation when she was hired As a result, her days involve resentment and dubious glances from the other women.

All that changes when she finally allows Mastema, the club’s Secretary, into her bed. Kayla is gun shy from her past experience at other clubs, but there’s something about Mastema she finds irresistible and trustworthy. He also helps her put everything in perspective, including her extra duties and their importance to the running of the club.

As she and Mastema grow closer, she opens up about her life, and discovers he’s harboring a secret of his own. Can they let go of their pasts and embrace their future together?

**Thank you to the fabulous Jay Aheer for another amazing cover!!**